Met with new wing to discuss what we knew about actual PUA tactics and openers... He has had a 10 year laspe in Social Life and I have never used any Pua openers,so it was time to test some.

We hit Cosmopolitan hotel bars in the casino area... We worked with two openers which were both effective.

1) Which says, my friend recently receive a call from the Maury Povich show, a past secret admirer wants to reunite with him... Do You think he should go to the show?

Women were eager to give their response here, two different groups. Our problem came with the midgame, since we were so excited that they actually worked.

I tried this at a different night with a non pua wing and the opener was a success as well.

2) The second says, My friend recently broke up and rooming with his Ex, should she be allowed to bring other guys over to the house, he thinks its ok that she does this...

Again instant response from the girls in the group and they drag the other girls into the conversation sweet... again midgame struggled and did not Disarm Alpha male who definitely showed his displeasure.

Planning to Arm myself with openers