Recently I stumbled across a lair for my area that I live in and signed up almost instantaneously. After a month of not going out to approach due to my friends that I live with and our social circle being far too reluctant (and boring) to even go out, I was getting frustrated even though I was dating a HB7 but she isn't GF material. The most decent club around my area is an hour walk which can feel very tedious anyway I digress. After signing up for this lair, I started talking to one of the admins on the group and he was going to this club. I told myself to go and I didn't regret it (ever since I've gone into PU I don't regret anything).

It was pissing down, I was drenched but I met my first wing ever (I've always soloed/had AFC friends watching). He was cool, very talkative and friendly which is always a good start. We discussed how we game when we got there and our styles conflict, I'm more MM, Cocky/Funny and he's more direct.

After half an hour of walking and warming up outside in the smoking section I decided to go for my first proper approach:
Consisted of HB7 and 2 HB8s.

I was slightly shakey and nervous as well as the rain/cold air was not helping my body language or my speech but I'm a great talker so I just pushed through.

Opener: My what should be patented Wizard of Oz Opener, consisting of negs and a push/pull. The target loved it.

Transition: Best friends test, the target was left out but she loved it (also combined it on a cat string theory)

Attraction: Randomly picked the target (of course it wasn't random I made it seem like that) and hyped up the game. Lets just say after explaining the first bit she couldn't get enough of it and was showing serious IOIs.

Attraction phase 2: DHV story on my charity work while living with 4 girls who all had PMS on the same day and had a food fight after I made the food. She complimented me on the way I'm able to control the situation.

Comfort: After hugging and flirting with her showing more IOIs she seriously thought I was much older than 19 because of my confidence and my overall presence. Asked her how good her night has been so far, she said 7 and I gave her a spin and said, well now it's a 10 baby, she grabbed me and said "Omg, you made my night incredible".

Number Close: I said I had more psychic stuff to show her next time we meet and told her to give me her number so I can call her.

She had later saw her friend with my wing and told her the cube was amazing and that she would love it. Did it to her and more fluff with the whole group. Me and my wing decided to leave but I said I'd call her now so she can save my number up, she complied and has my number.

In conclusion: this girl is awesome. One of the first to show proper attraction in me. Cute as hell and is into games and plays guitar like me. Not bad for the first approach in a month.

I made a couple more approaches that night and even met a girl I met the last time in which I did get her number but never followed up. We are neighbours and we talked for a bit. Her friend came along and just as I was about to do the 5 lies question game, he called me out with saying "Neil Strauss". I held my composure and said "who's that? my dad taught me this mate". A night where I meet a PUA for the first time, another one comes along? Fucked up huh?

Anyway all in all, it was a great night for my first time in getting back into the game. 3/4 number closes and one which seemed very solid. I'm definitely going to call her on Wednesday and set something up for the weekend. As always, any critique/feedback is always appreciated!