I got my first n-close today, theres a girl that walks her dogs around where I live and I ran into her today with my dog, she loves dogs and it worked in my favor as something to help my initial open. We talked for about an hour, and before we parted ways...I got her number . I waited about 15 minutes and texted her so she would have my number and she sent me a text back saying she got it. As we were talking I made very sure I maintained eye contact, stayed calm, and I made sure not to say or do anything that would lower my value and give her the upper hand, it was a great time. It was my very first open and I really enjoyed it. My text game isn't that great though but I'll post that in the proper category.

I'm reading The Game and I really think that helped me pay attention to what I was doing. It's an amazing book, very inspiring.

It's because of the people on this forum I was able to do this. The posts I've read here got me this far and I'm going further, it's sort of life changing and it's because of the awesome people on this forum, thank you.