Went out last night and Thursday night, and I'm starting to realize I need to raise my energy level..
Very little happened Thursday, me and a fellow aspiring pua went out, and both only approached twice. The venue we chose was ridiculously loud, and neither of us had sufficient energy to overcome it. Plus we kind of fed off of each other's aa.
Saturday was more productive. My first set was my best, an 8 and a 7 in a quite area. This was early on in the night when I was amped up for a #'s competition between me and a natural friend from my high school. Anyway the combination of my energy and the stack I'd prepared worked well on these girls. They were giddy with laughter as I did my role reversals! Only problem was the target didn't seem to realize I was ignoring her, and she didn't seem as into the interaction. Due to this I number closed the 7 and went off to brag.
It became apparent that my friend was too drunk to participate in the competition, and this lowered my enthusiasm a bit. The other issue was it took a while for the place to get full so I felt more exposed than I like..
Though I did approach 5 or so times in total, I once again fell into the trap of wondering around, looking for the perfect sets.
I did rather poorly in the rest of the interactions, something I'm attributing to low energy and lack of follow up/non verbal false time constraints.
Though I didn't achieve my goal of approaching asap upon arriving, obeying the Peruthree second rule, or getting to A3 I'm still pretty happy about how the night went for three reasons:
1) I more than doubled the amount of cold approaches I did last week,
2) I achieved my goal of staying in set until I either got a # close or the set left, and
3) due to the practice I now have a better idea of how to organize my stacks, and what situations each are best for.
My goals for next time are to keep my energy levels high, work on my ftc's, and follow the three second rule like the fate of the universe depends on it! ,