So, im out last night in the same pub as usual surrounded by the same faces as usual. Its getting a little late and a little boring so I decide to call it a night. When im walking home through the high street I notice 2 girls (HB7, HB8) talking to a homeless guy with a guitar outside the entrance of a bank next to mcdonalds. There hasnt really been many sets to talk to tonight so I decide to go over. They are talking about what songs he can play. I suggest getting a sing along going and seeing how many people we can get to join in. The girls are up for it (I think thats what they wanted all along anyway), Im up for it (I cant sing but it could be a good chance to run game) and the homeless guy is up for it (at the chance of some spare change, for food/beer or whatever his poison is, its getting cold outside so why not try and help him a little, everybody wins. I suggest he plays wonderwall by oasis because there isnt a soul alive in England that doesnt know the words to that song. The town is still quite busy, were outside the macdonalds and the inside is busy, full of drunk girls and guys getting some food after a night out, so there is planty of human traffic around. The four of us start singing and it takes about 30 seconds before we have a group of at least 5 girls (im guessing these are the ones that fancy themselves as singers). So were singing along, by the second song everybody decides on holy night (seeing as its christmas, a bit cringe but it was actually quite nice) Im now acting like the conductor, everyones singing away "so baaabbyyy" and I say "aannd harmonies", which to my surprise a few of the girls actually join in on, and every now and again one of the girls will try and out-sing the others with an ad lib at the end of a line, which I praise hoping that it was for my benefit. I was getting strong ioi's off of a couple of the girls every now and again (major eye contact) but my target is the HB8 to my left (she seems the classiest, which is kind of my thing) I start video recording and tell her this will look great for my social sciences diploma, (which it will) all the time thinking this is more for proof to you guys loool, the video is quite low quality with bad sound but I can upload them if there is a way to get youtube on my slightly dated phone (I try not to use mobiles I prefer if people call my place and leave a message, it gives me an excuse not to text every minute of the day). I finish my video and start a round of applause at the end of the song and i put £5 in his guitar case, some reach for there pockets and bags and start to throw in change, people walking past have been throwing in change now the guy must have at least £30, everybody was hanging around after as if no one really wanted to leave, it did feel slightly surreal like a movie or something about the goodness of people round christmas and I had started it, it turns out good deeds do still feel good even if they have an ulterior motive. As it is starting to wind down I turn to the HB8 and say "that was nice, if everybody could do that at least once a month I think the world would be a much happier place" She laughs and agrees and now we start talking. She tells me about the philosophy degree that she is doing, it was pretty in depth but I tried to keep up. The group is talking for at least 5 minutes more, I think everybody felt a connection because we shared something that was actually positive, London is very conservative sometimes, people dont tend to just come together like that. One of the girls is now talking to the homeless guy about having a great voice (which he didnt) and is telling him she is in business, she even had a straw coming down from her ear like a hands free, which I then took and put under my hat in the same way and started negging her about being the type of girl that brings work home with her, her friends nod. So I turn once again to my target (thinking its been long enough since I last spoke to her) and I say "I dont think its right telling the homeless guy that she can get him work as a singer, this was just about people coming together and doing a good thing for someone around the holidays, she shouldnt spoil it like that with false promises" she says "I totally agree" with a smile that tells me were on the same wavelength. Her taxi calls and I walk her and her friend over. I tell her my first philosophy module is coming soon and we should compare notes, we exchange numbers and they leave, I didnt try to kiss her because I was very aware of her staring friend, and they left. Looking back it was probably a good moment to but oh well. So thats it, good fun and fingers crossed I made enough of an impression to carry it on, we had a lot in common so I hope so, and strangely I could see this going further than a one night stand (which I didnt expect after my outlook on women after my ex). It seems the hours of reading and listening to paul mckenna's positivity is having an effect, I will try to get a link to the video up asap, its not great but you get the picture of whats going on. Thanks to all the respected contributors for there advice, it definitely does help you to tweak your game and stop you from making the mistakes you are so used to, feel on a high right now. #ilovethisgame.