This past Friday was mostly a calm night for couples. The main place I went to was a restaurant with a small, but nice sized bar and dance floor. Literally a great place to take your date too. I did want to leave when I gave the place a once over but obviously I paid the cover already so I stuck around for an hour or so.

Now as mentioned already, mostly couples and mixed ages as well. I hang around the dance floor (I gotta stop doing the dance floor each time I go out and fully focus on game). A hot blonde slightly bumbs into me and apologies. I tell her to forget about it, plus she was polite about it. Next thing I know she’s complimenting my jacket.(Been getting a lot of compliments with this on…
Next time this happens maybe I should let her try it on. What do you all think?

So thoughout the hour we dance here and there. But It’s obvious that she’s not into doing anything close together, only with her friends.

So now I’m in a corner, so of lost in the music and a cougar comes and asks to dance. I’m like sure, seeing how far this can go. Figured only a song or two plus its more preselection…Then she hits me with the first shit test.
Cougar: How old are you?
Shadow: Old enough

From here its on, or so I thought....Next up is more conversation/tests, which I’m surprised happened.

Cougar: Have you been here before?
Shadow: Nope, first time. How about you?
Cougar: This is my first time here.
Shadow: You first time and you have the guts to ask a guy like me to dance. Nice! (with a kiss on the cheek, for some reason girls really seems to like that, at the right time of course)
lil later..
Cougar: I’m old enough to be your mother
Shadow: Actually, my moms in her sixties, so your fine.(laughter)

Cougar: How old do you think I am?
Shadow: I’m gonna say… 40.
Gougar: Very good! (lil later) How come you’re not dancing with someone your age?
Shadow: You asked me to dance and you still haven’t walked away from someone you think is young enough to be your son.


Shadow: Something’s troubling me…How come your not dancing with your hubby.(Had to find this out before I tried anything)
Cougar: He’s right there at the bar.
Shadow: (!!!..oh s***)
From here I choose not to try anything more. No need for any sort of conflict to start, especially with the guy only like, 10ft away. Stranger part is that I saw her guy sitting on a couch not doing anything when I first got in. She only danced with me when she was alone. They were both pretty still, probably don’t dance to often.

After I left, I drove a half hour to try a few other places based on what I saw on yelp but their not worth mentioning.