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Thread: Day Game field report: Stripper/Bookstore Clerk/Barmaid

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    Default Day Game field report: Stripper/Bookstore Clerk/Barmaid

    Well,the title is a bit misleading since this all happened at night, but considering the situations, I'll still call it daygaming.

    Disclaimer: I go out every day and night. I just wanted to post this since it shows how sometimes you can just get a perfect day, and sometimes you can just not fall on anyone who digs you. Keep plowing, the results will show. I think I went 0/10 when I was sarging the mall yesterday using canned openers. I think I'm gonna refrain from using them outside of night game.

    So today, I was studying and having no intention of going out when one of my buddies sends me a text saying they're headed to a pub. I'm like sure why not. Shower, get dressed and head out.

    I spot this HB9 at the bus stop, so I open up with the "Are you single opener" She starts laughing and is like "no(auto pilot response, just watch for her body language), why are you asking?" while smiling and turning a bit to face me. I knew I was in. Answered her "I guess this must not happen to you very often if you have to ask me that". Light, unintentional neg, but it got the job done.She laughed, admitted it and started giving me IOIs like asking for my name and stuff. No routines used here, just normal convo. I typically don't use routines if I'm daygaming unless I'm kind of struggling to find new conversational threads(some girls are poor conversationalists and don't give you much to work with sadly) or wanna test the efficiency of a particular routine. Didn't have to this time, it was really free flowing.

    We get in the bus, her transit card isn't working. She had forgotten it was the second today(the cards work till the first of the next month). Teased her a bit for being a ditz. We get off at the same stop, which is a metro station. Perfect.

    We get into the metro, More convo, we get into what we do for a living. She tells me she's a waitress and a stripper and that she's actually on her way to work. Dead serious. I was just like "Oh, sounds like fun". Tells me she's not too sure whether she likes it or not, but it pays the bills. Bleh, I didn't like that conversational thread so I just moved into something else. Ran the cube on her(I always ask them to give me their hand when doing this) for some cheap Kino. We bonded a bit over this "hidden bar" which we both know. Went for a high five, she held my hand for a while. Used Kino's # close, got her number and told her to kiss me goodbye on the cheek as she was getting down since this was her stop. She dropped a fairly sensual kiss. I felt very alpha at that moment.

    Went to chapters right after that since I was a bit early for the meet up at the bar with buddies. I like reading Nancy Friday books to internalize and get used to the fact that girls are way freaky. I love the lay out of this place. At night, the basement floor where all the books about sexuality are is generally empty, besides the lone hot girl in charge of the basement floor(and it's always a hot girl, actually got a sushi date with one of them tuesday) making it a lot easier to talk to them as they don't feel any social pressure. Tonight was a hot redhead,

    After a bit of reading, I beckon to her and she comes. Same opener. She gets really flustered, blushes and starts blurting incoherent stuff. I'm in. I stand up from the chair I was sitting on, tell her to calm down. After a bit, she regains her composure and finally answers.
    Her: No, I'm actually seeing someone
    Me: That's fine, your reaction told me everything I needed to know about how you felt about me.
    Her: Which is..?(while blushing)
    Me: See, it's on your face again. Ever read a Nancy Friday book?
    Her: No not really. But what's on my face?
    Me: It's a book about female sexual fantasies
    Her: A book about WHAT? Ewwwwww, that's kinda weird.
    Me: Listen! lemme read one to you. Apparently this is what goes on in your mind too. *Read a particularly raunchy story with what I like to think is a sexy tonr*
    Her: Read another one!
    At this point I can see she's getting hella turned on. Her body language is way different than at first when she just seemed interested. Now she seems horny.
    Me: Calm down missy, I'm not here to narrate for you. Read it on your own. But I can teach you something. Do you know about the 5 types of kisses(thanks Kino!)?
    Her: No, tell me!
    Me: Before that...(check my phone)... your name is... E-R-I-K-A(written on her badge). Your phone number is 5-1-4...(look at her expectingly)
    Her: blabla phone number. So about the 5 types of kisses..
    Me: Here I'll demonstrate. First is this(forehead kiss). Means I adore you.
    You guys know the rest of the routine. We almost got caught though, someone came down while we were kissing. I guess she was really into it and didn't notice it. I heard steps and had to pull her away. I dunno if they figured it out since I had a bit of lipstick on my lips(my buddies told me when I got to the bar later), but whatever it was just a customer. Told her I'd ring her later this week, she winked back.

    I was 2/2 so far, so I was really on a high. Met up with my buddies at the bar, place was DEAD. Like there were 2 mixed sets with 3 guys 1 girl and 1 mixed set 1 guy 1 girl. I don't like coming into people's sets, unless it's obvious the guys are just orbiters and the girls look bored, which didn't seem like the case here.

    So I'm enjoying the football game, a cold cider, chilling with my buddies and my wings when I spot the waitress. She was a 7.5 at best. but just my type of girl. Curvy, tall, dark hair, glasses. She would rock the librarian look PERFECTLY, if she was in a library instead of a bar. Anyways, I waited till she was done serving people and walked up to her using my same opener "Hey miss, are you single". Same reaction as the first girl(laughs, "no, why?"). Gave her the same answer. She laughed, asked my name. Decided to go for some routines here I dunno why, tried the ESP Test. Got 3 and 7. She was hooked.

    Barmaid: OMG how did you do that??? (shaking my arm)
    Me: Woahh, don't touch! Anyways, I'll consider telling you... but only if you win a quick game. This is a very easy game for you to win. I'm gonna ask you 5 things, all you have to do is answer wrong. Make the answers as outrageous as possible. Before that though, I need to know your name.
    Barmaid: I'm Regina. I hope this isn't a question.
    Me: Haha, I'm not that cheap. Now, if you answer one right, I win. I want a free double shot of Sailor Jerry. Deal?
    BM: Deal, let's start
    Me: Ok, what's your name?
    Her: Cleopatra
    Me: Good. What city are we in?
    Her: Texas.
    Me: And what's the name of this bar
    Her: The playboy house
    Me: See, this is fairly easy...*looking around like i'm trying to figure something out* umm, how many questions was that
    Her: 3!
    Me: Thanks for the free shot. Bring it by my table over there.

    Went back to chill with the buddies for a bit, got my free shot(boy was it strong) and used the Kino #close when it was time to bounce.

    Me: So, your name was.. Cleopatra(with my phone out)
    Her: Yeah, very funny(actually laughing)
    Me: So. C-L-E-O-P-A-T-R-A. Cleopatra's number would be 5-1-4*look at her*
    Her: Blabla number
    Me: Okay Cleopatra, we'll be getting sushi sometime this week. Look forward to it
    Her: Yay I love sushi!
    Me: Cool, high five.

    Again, she held my hand for a bit so I knew I was in her head.

    Anyways, yeah nothing too crazy, just really love the high that comes from going 3/3 and closing every set you opened. It was my first perfect day(or night, depends how you look at it) so I just thought I'd share a field report. Too bad I won't have time for any of these chicks in the next 2 weeks, what with exams coming up and all.
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