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Thread: HB9 Part Two - The Cockblock

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    Default HB9 Part Two - The Cockblock

    We're at a club event on campus. Some dancing, karaoke, no alcohol this time. What I remember from the conversation:

    Me - Last night was fun, don't you think?

    Her - was *giggles*

    Me - That wasn't a one time thing, right?

    Her - No, of course not.

    Me - Oh, what would you say to a repeat?

    Her - Here?!

    Me - Of course not; I know a place.

    Her - Ok, but you have to sing with me first!

    (For the record, I'm better off snoring than singing)

    We go back to a lounge on campus; the guy in charge knows me so he leaves and locks the door for us. We go in and close the door.

    Start making out again, clothes start coming off, and BAM - LMR.

    Her - *giggles* I'm nervous! What if someone comes in? XXXX has keys!

    Me - He won't he has an event to manage.

    Her - True...

    We continue making out, touching, etc. Almost there, and more LMR.

    Her - *giggles* Sorry, I'm really nervous.

    Me - Hey, you have nothing to worry about. We're staying in your comfort zone (I LOVE THIS LINE).

    Got through the LMR...two minutes later, a mutual "friend" of ours decides to bring her posse up. She starts knocking on the door:

    "Ok, get your clothes on! We're coming in!"

    While I'm holding the door in case they have the keys, she's getting dressed. A few minutes later, I open the door, and the Three cockblock-teers arrive

    Friend - I have to ask, where were you know? I don't wanna be *there.*

    Forgot exactly what was said after that, but HB9 and I acted like we didn't mind. Disappointed? Definitely. Part Three should MUCH more...well, more

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    Default Re: HB9 Part Two - The Cockblock

    Fuck! Your bedroom or hers next time lol

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