Sometimes it's just to easy. Basically I go out with a friend for his birthday and throughout the night we had such a large group of people chicks were recognizing each other floating into the group and I was picking them off.

The first sarge was a 2 set a girl and her aunt one "braces" was 24 and the other was 22, both HB7's. I started them with random conversation and broke out the cube for old times sake and then my 5 interesting questions routine. After that we shared confessions and I gave them the option to choose nice or naughty, of course they chose naughty. We had some fun and built some playful sexual tension.

Throughout the exchange I kept up Kino and clearly the 24 yr old was really in to me and at some point we moved to the dance floor.
i didn't do my whole dance floor escalation routine because she was clearly into me so basically I did the gentel hair pull, twice and the effect was instantaneous. She clearly wanted to do me, she was hot. When we went back to join our friends she was talking to her neice with the biggest smile. I knew she was turned on.

As I'm sitting across from her on the other side of the group, no longer paying her any attention. This exotic pocahantas looking girl comes and sits down next to me. I look to my buddy and say, do you know pocahantas? She laughed and told me with the sexiest accent, that she liked that comparision. It's hard to describe what happened next because it was only game in the fact that she was giving wicked ioi's. We were talking sexually in a matter of minutes and it was electric.

We went to the dance floor and dirty danced with more sexual banter. She told me I was a very good dancer and she believed if a person could dance they would be a good lover. I told her, "I'm a much better lover than dancer". I told her, I believed kissing was a better indicator and she said no, you have to wait on that. I smiled and said, "whoa, whoa slow down, that was not an offer." The tension just escalated from there.

As we walked to rejoin our friends she asked for my number and asked if I was free tomorow. I gave her my number and kissed her on the cheek, she returned the favor twice before she left and told me we would talk tomorrow because I "HAD" to meet her out.

Meanwhile, braces saw all of this. I walked pocahantas out of the club to rejoin her friends. When I came back braces grabbed me and started making out with me. I held back because I didn't want to get busted by pocahantas. (Who wouldn't want to bang pocahatas?)

Anyway, braces calls me as soon as we leave to find out where I'm heading. Wonder what she

So let's recap, 2 kisses from a 21 year old, 3 from a 24 year old, two chicks asking for my phone number and asking me out. Not bad for some 37 year old schlub on a night out.