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Thread: Best pickup in months

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    Default Best pickup in months

    Hey guys. So sorry I kind of have disappeared, for those who donít know, Iím an undergrad studying architecture which means a lot of projects and a lot of work and weíve been working on our final project. Iím wrapping it up though and after that, I'll be fully back! And what better way to start it off coming back than a field report. Last night, I had my best pickup in about two months. Itís a little lengthy but hereís how things went down.

    So the beginning of the night kinda sucked. I was going to my friendís frat party which was Christmas themed, but he told me that I didnít need to dress for it or anything. When I got there, it was not like most frat parties, more of a pregame. All the lights were on, there wasnít really any music, etc. And to make things worse, everyone was wearing Christmas stuff. Sweaters, Santa hats, red and green clothes, all that stuff. I had shown up with a girl that is actually the last time I had a perfect pickup. Anyways, after five minutes we leave as itís not what we were looking for. Weíd both been drinking and just wanted to dance with people.
    When we left, we went to my frat house just to see what was going on there. Lucky for me, there was a group getting ready to head out to the bars. The girl I was with wasnít of age to go to the bars so I sent her on her way (she didnít really want to be out anyway and had been talking about going home as it was) and off the rest of us went to the bars (just so you all know, we refer to the clubs on campus as bars as well, but technically where we were going was a club).
    My plan for the night (as I was already pretty gone) was just to dance with friends and have a good time. Iím known in my group to watch out for ďcreepers,Ē or guys that either awkwardly stand around your group wanting to dance with the girls or just go up and start hardcore grinding at which point I just spin the girl away. So the night was going good, bar was pretty crowded, everyone was having a good time.
    The whole night girls kept coming and dancing to my group, not letting any other guys dance with them but looking over at my group. In my group was a brother of the frat, three girls, and me and everyone could tell we were just having a blast, which shot my social proof way up. When I noticed a group close to us (by close I mean literally right next to us), Iíd turn and make eye contact with one of the girls, smile, and turn back around. I was trying to be friendly but convey that I wasnít going to make a move and didnít want them to (I wasnít wanting a random hookup) and it seemed to be successful.
    After about an hour or so, a group of girls appeared next to us and a song came on that everyone knew (canít remember for the life of me what it was haha) so one of the girls and I started to sing together. After maybe 30 seconds, the girl pushed her friend onto me and her friend started just dancing with me. Once she started, it was go time.
    For guys that donít know how to dance with a girl, LEARN. Once you know how to dance with a girl, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. You need to learn how to not only move with her but how to touch her, where to put your hands, etc. The biggest downfall of guys (and Iím guilty of it too), is grabbing her too early. My rule is that I do not put my hands on her until the next song comes on. Let her dance and do her thing and if she sticks around for the next song, youíre good to go. If you couldnít guess it, the girl stuck around. We start dancing and after a song or two start making out. She was still with her back to me, so I spun her around and the sexual tension went through the roof by doing that. After another song or two, I grabbed her hand and led her away to go outside for a little bit as it was pretty hot on the dance floor and we still had yet to exchange a word with each other.
    The real purpose of taking her outside was for a compliance test and see how comfortable she was with me. She didnít resist at all, she let me just lead her away. We talked for a little outside and then went back to dance some more. She wanted to find her friends and dance by them just so they knew she was ok. As long as she wasnít bailing on me, I was fine with it. So we went and found her friends then kept doing our thing. After a little bit of that I wanted to move her away again as I was planning on taking her home at that point and knew her friends would just be obstacles I didnít want to deal with.
    I was able to move her again pretty easily and we moved to a quieter part of the dance floor where we could also talk. After some talking and convincing, we leave to get food. (By the way people, one of my favorite ways to get a girl to leave with you is to just drop the line ďIím not going sleep with you tonight, you have to buy me dinner first!Ē I usually will drop it as soon as I decide Iím taking her home and it seems to work quite well as youíre now something she canít have.) As I was quite drunk, I was on autopilot in terms of where we were going and just started to go back to my place rather than to get food. And since she was slightly tipsy herself, she didnít object at a single point, even after it was clear that we werenít going to get food. Now I donít really like giving details of what happens behind locked doors with a girl, so you can figure that out on my own. Iíll just say that when I got up for work this morning, we both left happy.

    One last thing before wrapping this up, turns out I went to elementary school with this girl and used to have a huge crush on her back in sixth grade.

    You are the prize. She needs to earn it.

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    Default Re: Best pickup in months

    Well done bro! Great field report. And I strongly agree with you on learning to dance with women! It makes things so much easier. Lol wow what an end to the story, small world ey

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