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Thread: FR - Night club

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    Default FR - Night club

    hey guys! after a weekend of heavy sarging, im writing the one experience that left me wondering.

    HB9, was in a sort of underground party we went to, came as a tourist to visit argentina from the netherlands. Opened, she told me a few things about herself, did the rings/earrings test, she qualified herself as an outgoing, party loving girl, and gave me a few ioi's while i was escalating kino (hair touch, look in the eyes, lip bit). At that time i thought i was in for sure. Then i did another test on her that went something like this

    1 i noticed youre bla bla bla.

    oh right! totally!

    2 and your also blsasdaksd


    3 and i can tell you really want to kiss me right now, its alright. (got this mostly from tao of badass)

    her: noo! really

    i didnt say that you could! stop hitting on me!

    aand it went kind of awkward after this... so i left to not lose any value

    i might have f up with this last one, maybe i rushed it a little bit, but all the signs were there.

    afterwards i talked to her alittle more, stayed in a cocky "stop hitting on me" attitude, but didnt even manage to get a #. (even thou she seemed interested and had a good vibe around me, always mantaining eye contact and reacting good to kino)

    it left me wondering a little bit... any help would be useful (a friend told me i wasnt able to Isolate her well, and maybe for the kiss it made sense.. but not even a #?)

    damn, it was one of those girls that keep you wondering the next day... it doesnt happen to me very often

    thanks for any feedback guys

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    Default Re: FR - Night club

    its still better to Isolate a girl before an n close in my experience. a lot of girls dont want their friends to see her giving out her number because often times her friend will give her weird looks and idk. just easier for me to keep my frame when were isolated.
    If i get a guy some a$$, he gets it for a day; if i teach him how to get it for himself, he's tappin forever

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