Just tested some techniques from this forum ( like strong eye contact, Kino, moving fingers through hair and grabbing a bundle at the end, teasing, making them feel something new) in a playful way and I tell you guys, this worked like charm. This aroused the girls up to the point of them grabbing me. I also realized something, most guys that were around me, were just standing there and watching the girls dance #FearOfApproach. Most girls want to be touched in ways no one ever did to them before. It doesn't mean you have to be creepy but those ones that will make them feel your presence. Also having that mind set to go for the prettiest girl around will boost your moral.

"A beautiful lady, its a man that will climb up her trunk". Don't fear boys. She is like that other girl you consider a 4 in your scale, just with more social value to "you".

My main point in writing this post is to tell guys that the techniques learnt from this forum works for real. Haha try them and you will be blown out by how the girls react to them.

Have fun boys.