Hey guys, so I'm back again with a somewhat juicy and pretty long field report. So I was partying somewhere that isn't where I stay, it was pretty far actually. The first night was not really successful at all, since we stayed in, invited three women but one was my boy's girl, one was related, and the other I was sort of hitting on, tried negging her but the problem was I actually negged her too hard at some point and she got semi-defensive haha. But she did at some point try and get some validation from me so that was pretty good. I told her also that if your ring finger is longer then your pointer finger (most people's are, and I bet you're looking at yours now) that you are a more "aggressive" person (this can also be used to tell someone they are a more [insert adjective here] person lol). Anyway, the next night we went out to her work party where I had more opportunities and a lot more success. Also told some of the girls there about the ring finger thing, played the social role and got around to talking to basically everyone there. After the small work party which was in a pool house type place we went back to the HB White 8 (we'll call her), and we were chilling, I made a point to go up to and talk to this one girl we'll call HB White (II) 8 because she was the second hot white chick, but .5 of that rating comes from her personality. Ignored the one I liked after opening with her for a while, worked like a charm. Also there was another HB Mexican probably around a 7.5. She worked wonders for my game since I negged her about a tattoo she had and her boyfriend was with her, that however didn't stop her from giving me Doggy Dinner Bowl Eyes like crazy, I'm quite sure if I isolated her I could've gotten at least a k-close. Anyway, we go out to a couple of bars, bar-hopping proved to be unsuccessful though, since the two HB's (forgot to mention HB Mexican (II) 8.5 with an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing body), they were under 21 and both had fake ID's one worked in one place, one didn't and vice versa so they kinda had a buzz kill of a night. When we got back to her apartment though (HB White 8), we were in her bedroom and she took of her shirt while changing in front of me and said "you have some pretty big shoes to fill" since her ex boyfriend shared a name with me, and she also took off her pants in front of me, one of the greatest asses I've ever seen, in my life, period. She asked me how long my cawk was, I shut the door and pulled it out, but it was still in my boxers, I didn't show flesh (Idk why couldn't get hard right away since I was pretty buzzed at that point, thinking back on it maybe I should've just shown her a picture that I was fully erect in?) Anyway, everyone wanted to go to bed at some point, we got in bed together, with some light cuddling, put my junk in between her cheeks for a while and light humping, not much else though :/. Also HB Mexican 8.5 put her head in my legs once I layed next to HB White 8 haha, so overall I guess I learned... hit on the one you don't like and you will gain the ones you do. Advice, comments, questions, would all be appreciated Also made a semi-beta move, I always do this though (I took HB Mexican 8.5's phone and punched my number in). Alright guys, have at it.