Part 3 was this weekend. Went upstate with a bunch of people. Tried to keep a distance, but a few drinks later, we were all over each other. Tried getting her alone, but failed the first night. The night ended with a heavy make out session and her saying I better come get her the next day. Nice, right?


Got held up for a really long time, and finally got to her around 3:30. Spoke with her a bit, then told her to come take a walk with me. Brought her back to the house I was staying at. We get into the room, cuddling, making out, etc.

She notices the time and says we should go back (something was supposed to happen around 4:30). I didn't want to force anything, so I agreed. Clearly, LMR got serious.

Part 4 was this afternoon. Went to her house. Watched a movie. Should have been the perfect time to escalate, but didn't get past rubbing her leg/hand. After the movie was over, I was pressed for time because I had to go to class and the trip would takes a little over an hour. Yay.

I tried seeing how far I could get, but again, LMR. LMR. LMR. LMR. Oh, and LMR. She's ok with the top, but nothing below the waste. She's a lot less fun to kiss, too.

I would say I'd go for Part 5, but here's the problem:

Boyfriend. They're in a break up process according to her, yet he started sending her flowers and handwritten cards saying he's sorry and he'll stop cheating and all that lovey dovey crap. My conscience is coming into play - don't want to be the cause of a relationship failing.

Even though he's a d1ck, who am I to get in the way of their relationship, right? After all, being a PUA, at least to me, is all about leaving her better than you found her. Seeing her in class tomorrow, but most likely dropping it until they work things out.

PS - the following BF Destroyer deserves credit for the events that unfolded:

Me - Wow...he must be the perfect guy if you're being so patient with him and waiting for him for so long.

Her - He's not a perfect guy...

5 days later, I wrote Part 1