This isn't a field report in the traditional sense. I did not go to yoga to meet chicks, I genuinely enjoy yoga and its been a year or so since I've gone, so I found a new studio to and went tonight.

In my new and improved outgoing state I observed some things that seem significant enough to me to be worthy of a post.

Observation #1: Social momentum

I think I understood something new about social momentum tonight. As I was getting out of my car, the studio was in kind of a weird secluded area, and a middle aged woman was getting out of the car next to me. So I asked her if she knew where the studio was, she did, also attending, and I started up a conversation on the way in. Not something I would normally do...

The night went very well, I stayed in an outgoing mood, talked to lots of people, and at one point told a story and had the whole group giving me their rapt attention. At the end of the night, the instructor (HB9 by the way) asked the woman who I walked in with how she knew me. She said she was surprised to find out we'd just met because as we came in she thought we looked like old friends. So, starting conversations with strangers really does add to social value.

Observation #2

There was only one cute girl there (aside from the instructor). I didn't pay any attention to her throughout the class. I was there for yoga, not to practice pickup. At the end of the night, she approached me, knowing my name before I told it to her, and asked if she could borrow my phone to make a call. Now, I got the impression from the instructor's interaction that the whole group knew each other and had been coming for some time. So why did she ask to borrow the new strangers phone instead of one of the people she knew and was already comfortable with? Social momentum. I was being outgoing and projecting good energy the whole night. She needed an excuse to meet me before I left. Here's the kicker, we talked for a bit and I learned that she's married. Positive energy attracts, even when it logically shouldn't.

Pretty interesting seeing these dynamics play out even when I'm not actively "gaming"