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    Default First Night Game need advice

    So went out tonight to some bars downtown (younger crowd clubbish style bars) with some buddies tonight. Found a bar we loved (lots of people and fun atmosphere) and decided to kick it there. I was DD so only had one drink (found this is wary better for my game) but utilized my friends (we are loud) to take over the bar and grab some attention. We ordered five ski shots back to back and had the bar staff loving us.

    First Set:
    I look over and see a two set standing (HB6 and HB8) so I walk up and open by saying "I needed to check out this awesome head band!" (HB6 was wearing a sparkling head band) I grabbed her hand and spun her around laughing. I made small talk and then asked them what they were celebrating. Turns out it was HB6's cousins birthday, so I told them that we all absolutely need to do a ski shot in celebration and to lead me to their cousin. He was already at the bar with one of his friends, and won them over instantly with some happy birthday high fives. Anyway by this time the bar tender loved me and quickly poured us a ski shot. Pictures were being taken and everyone was having a great time, I was part of the group. After talking to the birthday guy a little more I moved back to the HB8. However after small talk I could see she getting bored with the conversation and I decided to eject.

    QUESTION: How should I have moved on from here, the group loved me....We were having a blast...but I feel dropping back to small talk killed all the fun I had just built up. Help.

    Second Set: Was a three set (HB5, HB7, and HB8). I was talking to my friend and they actually opened us, asking what are names were. I started to talk to HB8 but once again small talk got boring and she went to the bar leaving her HB7 friend with me. Since HB7 was being ignored by me while I was talking to HB8 she was trying to win my attention by asking lots of questions which I dhv'ed myself with each one. As conversation was getting boring again I decided to stack in the did you see the fight outside routine. It worked and she then said she could fight and flexed her arms. I challenged her to an arm wrestling which I didn't let her win, then gave her second chance at thumb wrestling which I cheated and beat her. She playfully choked me and I said "whoa we just met, cant get all kinky with me just yet" she loved it! I said "hopefully your a better dancer because its not looking good for right now" as I pulled he onto the dance floor. We dance for a little bit and then I pull he to a couch near by.

    I wanted to build comfort so we started to talk about school and all that same small talk crap. I knew she lost interest cuz she said needed to go find her friends. We split for a little bit and later on she came up to me and started flirting more, I told her that I was leaving and to put her number in my phone. She did. Then I said kiss and pointed to my cheek, she did. Then kiss, pointed to other cheek. She did, Then kiss as I pointed to my lips. She thought about and the she did.

    I have a lot to learn but I had fun. How do I keep conversation exciting and elevating? How do I move from winning the group to isolating the girl? How do I move from initial flirting stage to deeper conversation more smoothly? and im sure there are questions I dont even know I should be asking...any advice for the future would be great.

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    Default Re: First Night Game need advice

    Ok, so u answered your own question about Isolation with the arm wrestling, thumb wars and dancing, that was pretty decent well done. To be fair, when I'm in a club or a bar I never stop flirting, even if you want to build comfort you can still flirt and tease also with small talk you don't have to talk about boring things at all. You can build comfort talking about traveling, what sports you do, I mean I talk about my little sister like alll the time, as long as you talk about whatever it is with some passion and exciting then it shouldn't go stale. Check out autismus's conversation stuff on here it's really good your kiss close was good tho, reminds me of my favourite kiss close which is a slight variation of what you done but it's a bit smoother . But as a first attempt at night game that was really good mate, keep it up

    Linking x

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