I went out sarging Wednesday for the first time. I choked at some point and bailed on 5 out of 6 sets. On number 6 I had a 2 set HB6 and HB7. The eye contact happened unexpectedly with HB7 as I walked by scoping out another 3 set. I thought 3 second rule and immediately went into Mystery' s Elvis bit. I switched over to my accent routine and it totally drew them in. Lots of exagerated kino with my dramatic flirting doing the accent bit. Told some funny dhv stories about european travels . Started the digital camera bit with both, pulling the three of us together in to a big hug for pics. HB6 went to the restroom leaving me HB7 to conclude the digital camera bit with what a cute couple we were. Ioi's still going strong. HB7 buys the 3 of us a shot. HB6 (tipsy by now) wanders off and drags a random dude in who is as drunk as she is and starts to ruin my set. Looking back I should have created a false time constraint and went for the Number Close after the digital camera bit. Rookie mistake. HB6's drunken behavior derails things and my target helps her out of the bar to get her home. As i watched them going out the door I noticed HB6's purse hanging on the bar stool. Dumb azz that I am I run it outside. What was I thinking? I should have waited long enough for them to leave. Then grabbed the purse and phoned the target with HB6's phone that I found HB 6's purse. Live and learn I guess.
Last night I opened a 2 set with HB9 and HB10. A random drunk dude walks up and kisses HB9 full on the lips and she falls for it blowing out that set. I attempted to redirect my Target and reingage but she was distracted by HB9's random stranger make out session. She turned from me to talk to her friend and I read the body language and politely bailed. Damned alcohol is farking up my game! I think I'm done Sarging after midnight! I was pissed as I drove home and then it hit me! I opened a 10. I would never have even considered trying to talk to her 6 months ago!