I had the opportunity to see Arash Dibazar work his magic while eating
at the popular Hooters restaurant. The waitresses there are hired for
their beauty and physical attributes. They’ve also been hit on countless
times and had heard every pick line in the book.

We were seated by an attractive Latina with a nice smile who was
friendly. After she took our order and left, we were approached by
another Hooter’s waitress. She was a cute blond that Arash had gamed
before, and was obvious excited to see him. She sat down and chatted
for a while before leaving to attend to her other customers. Our
waitress came back and I noticed a noticeable change in her demeanor.
She had seen the interaction and was now curious. She asked about
one of Arash’s tattoos, and Arash gave her the meaning and history of
it-which was Persian in origin. She immediately cooed and sat down
and said she was a big fan of Persian food, music, and language. Arash
used that opening to share some insight about the culture that she
was impressed by. He then transitioned into other topics like past
lives, fate, karma which she listened to with deep fixation. He also
mentioned something about his girlfriend and she immediately asked
to see a picture of her. Arash took out his phone and shows her his
Facebook page which is just covered by pictures of beautiful women
and the comments they leave on it. She eventually sees the picture of
Arash’s girlfriend, and drops her jaw in amazement saying, “Wow! She’s

During all of this, I basically ate my food and observed her getting more
and more interested. Her body started to turn towards Arash while
playing with her hair. As Arash asked about her passions and dreams,
she opened up and shared some of the details of her personal life that
the average Hooter’s customer does not get to hear about. The more
she talked, the more her real personality began to shine which made her
even hotter. She was genuinely one of those rare altruistic people who
is very considerate of others and wants to pursue a career in helping
people. Think about the nicest and unselfish person you know and put
her in the body of an exotic dancer, and that’s who we had sitting in
front of us.

Arash then commented that initially, she seemed like ever other
Hooter’s girl But after finding out a little more about her, there
is definitely more to her than just looks and that she really has a
remarkable personality. She started gushing and Arash transitioned
into talking about an upcoming event involving a VH1 celebrity that
he will be hosting, and that she is invited as his guest. She could have
not pulled her phone fast enough, numbers were exchanged, done and
done. It was a pleasure and honor to witness a master at the top of his
craft. The whole thing seemed so effortless, like a mere stroll in the
park. I was pretty much speechless at that point and was only able to
say, “Man, that was farking smooth.”