So, on Wednesday my 2 buddies took me to a Strip Club. One has been going for awhile to this place and the other just discovered it a few weeks ago. They have been talking about how all the women are 9s and 10s. This place is a good 2-2.5 hours away, with another merto area closer with more strip clubs I wonder if its worth the trip.

So, I turned to my former work partners wife, a former stripper in the large city. She tells me the girls from the club my buddies want to go to are a much better, I'm in.

We get to the club. It's pretty slow at first, we're a little early. My two buddies are worried of what I will think of them after their big build up. My buddies go to the rail, while i grab a table and hang back. Watch a few dancers, nothing I'm finding spectacular yet.

One of me comes up and starts chatting away. We chat about BS for awhile, I throw in some dhv just to get warmed up and mention, as if nothing, that my ex was a former "entertainer". After some fun banter I let her take me back for private dances. Afterwards, She asks for $100, i counter with $40 telling her all the talking she did was more than her dancing, we settle on $60...if she can make it through the next dance with out talking...she wins.

She then took my phone and put her number in and she was smart... she called herself so shed have my number...i wasn't going to call her... Not really my type. She's interested in where we are staying, and talks about taking me to her place when she gets off..."we can see about that, I'm not making any promises" I say.

She says she doesn't want to see me with any other girls because I'm "broke"... So... I walk out see a hotter dancer, she comes up and asks if I want a dance... Yup...that was easy. She's hotter, more my type too. This really pissed the other girl off because of how much time she spent on building comfort. This girl can dance, but I keep it short.

I go out to the car to see if my buddies are back there drinking. The club was full nude so they didn't serve alcohol. I find one buddy in there with puke next to the car. Weird, we didn't have that much to drink. He looked like crap and asks if he should take a cab home. I send him home with the car, my other buddy and I will fend for ourselves.

I go back in and grab another table and hang back. A few dancers come up and get right to it "want a dance"..."no thanks, maybe later" while others start with some chatting. The whole time I pepper into conversation how my ex was in the field when appropriate. My buddy hangs out a little bit before he grabs another dancer to go to the back.., he's a machine and drops a ton of dough. One dancer, blond, my type, a solid 10, comes up and I turn her down, but tell her maybe later.

They do a promotion , 2 dances for $20 and a full length porno. I turn one down and then the 10 comes back and asks, I say sure. We head back and start some small conversation, she tells me about her weird day and bla bla bla. The ex is a stripper comes up(ps there is no ex stripper). We start chatting about how hard the job can be and some of the creepier/grosser shit that guys will do (I used stories I heard from other girls earlier in the night and my buddies ex). We chat for awhile, she reminds me that she isn't charging me for this time (thanks?). I say I'll take 2 more dances when i check my phone... it's been blown up by my sick buddy. I tell her ill take a rain check I have to go see if he's ok. She tells me if i come back to look for her next time and gives me her real name but to ask for her by her stage name. My buddy doesn't answer his phone then his wife calls me.

She knew where we were, she's awesome. Se tells me she was in the phone with him and he passed out. That he's throwing up uncontrollably and she had to call 911 and send them to the hotel room. She then says he's at the hospital, but for us to finish up and when were done to just go check up on him (awesome right?). we are all in the field if medicine and public safety so for us an ambulance isn't a big deal, nor an ER visit...although it takes a lot for us to utilize either option.

I head back in. The 10 is on the main stage so I go up . I put no money on the rail and she spends a lot of time in front of me while dancing, almost completely ignoring the other patrons, she asks me about my buddy. I tell her to find me later and ill tell her. She finishes I head back to the table. She comes up and asks about. I tell her he's in the ER and that when were done were going to get a cab and head over there...she offers to drive when she gets off...ioi? Lol.

I take her to the back and get some more dances...way more than I paid. She's into the fact that I know how to handle a girl in that career field, I'm very confident with eye contact, and don't appear to be the jealous type...she knows one of the other dancer that was digging me. We talk for a long while with dances peppered throughout. I learned a shit ton about her... Probably everything there is...and not just the positive things lol, sometimes id tell her if she continues with the bad stuff I'm going to charge her for therapy...the price is the same per song as it is for her time. I tell her I should get going. Turns out we were the last ones in the place, she takes my number and tells me shell call when she's on her way to her car. We walk out and the lights are on and the staff is cleaning the place. I can't find my buddy and his phone was left in the car.

Walk outside where he's waiting for a cab... "Forget that shit" I tell him, "I got it covered", a few minutes later the lady calls and we head to her car, the security are not fond of this but she pretends like she and I go way back and tells them about my friend and that she's taking us to the ER.

We go, she hangs out in the waiting room while my buddy and I check up on the other buddy...he looks like shit. We get the skinny from the nurse because they have him drugged up pretty good. Head back to the the hotel where the 10 and I become...more "aquatinted" while the other buddy pretends to sleep in the other bed. 2.5 hours later my buddy texts he's ready to be discharged.

I say my good bye to the dancer, tell her well keep in touch...I do plan on that. And go pick up our buddy.

Later that day the first dancer to give me her number texts me, mad , that I didn't invite her over.

Later we joke about why my buddy got's either because the first girl he had dance for him was formerly a man (confirmed by two other co workers of hers) or because i sent one over to tell him her name was the same as his new born daughter, my god daughter. The flu is an excuse!

Ps... I forgot my DVD I got with the dance!!!!!!