I got my first Number Close last night. I have had at least one successful set each time I have been out sarging but keep forgetting to throw in the false time constraint. I would get caught up in vibing with the target or amoging with the group and then things would derail and I would blow the set. I'm getting better at frame control too.
Last night I opened a 4 set. I used an opener I made up on the spot. I pretended to be looking for my friend. I asked if they had seen him . I described a very tall blue eyed blond man with chiseled features. This description of an imaginary guy got them visualizing their ideal of a really attractive guy in their heads. This flipped an attraction switch in 3 of the 4 girls. I think they wanted to meet my friend! I tried to pull my target to a quiet corner to talk and the rest of the group didn't want me to leave! Lol. I wound up with another girl from the set following us and flirting with me while I worked the target. She excused herself to the restroom and I threw in a false time constraint and number closed my target. Thanks to you all for helping me get here!