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Thread: HB9 Part 5 - F-Close :)

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    Default HB9 Part 5 - F-Close :)

    Quick summary up to this point - HB9 with a bf of 1.5 years. Part 1 - k-close. Part 2 - cockblock. Parts 3-4 - LMR. Her bf has been trying to work things out with her (sending flowers, calling her parents, etc). She wasn't in the best state of mind, so she went limited contact and I didn't pay attention to it and gave her the space. This is around 11 pm Monday after 3 days of no contact:

    Her - "I can't date you. I'm sorry."

    Me - "I was gonna tell you when I saw you, so no worries. I'm glad you two worked things out "

    Her - "We didn't...I just feel like I'd f*ck up if I got into it with you. I will probably cheat early on because I won't be putting my heart be into it."

    Me - "Sorry to hear..."

    Me - "No one does in the beginning. Like I said, nothing to worry about "

    Her - "Please don't think bad of me. I'm sorry if I hurt you."

    Me - "I'm telling you, it's ok! I can forget anything happened if you can "

    Her - "I can do that."

    Some blah conversations about the final the next night and so on. Nothing special. Saw her the next day at a student lounge (same one as in part 2) and said hi to everyone - handshakes with the guys, hugs with the girls, etc. Made my way to her and she leaped out of her chair and hugged me for a good minute. Sat near her, started studying, etc. She had an iPad or something with slideshows, so we used that. She took it out of my hands and said, "I'm gonna sit on your lap." So much for forgetting, huh?

    Went to an empty classroom for more studying - I began going over material for the final with her and told her I'd give her a hug every time she got a question right. Stepped it up to a kiss on the cheek for "motivation." I went for her cheek, she greeted me with her lips. Woot!

    That went on for a while, then the final came (heh heh, I had to ). 3 hours of hell, and we went back to the lounge. cockblocks ever so present! A friend of mine came up later on and helped me get rid of them...the door closed...the rest is, well, you already know

    The problem!

    As you're all probably aware, I used a bf destroyer. Notice how she said she can't date me? I believe she thinks that we're committed. I don't want to go breaking any hearts because that's not why I'm in this, but I'm gonna have to get her to reject the idea of us being together.

    Consequences, as I've learned so far, are that using a bf destroyer and dragging on before the f close will make you the bf. Or maybe I'm overthinking? Huh. We'll see where it leads. Thanks for reading, I love you all...sort of.
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    Always leave her better than you found her.

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    Default Re: HB9 Part 5 - F-Close :)

    sounds like you did everything right. great idea on a reward for her! priceless!

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