Hi Everyone,

This is my first time writing a field report, so bear with me and please correct me if something wrong.

This happened last Saturday night, location Lisbon. So around Christmas, holidays time. My friends and I went out and as always, we only go for the international girls, most of the time. Unfortunately, since the time of the year, not many left here, since most went back home to spend the holidays.

We went to a packed nightclub. My wingman and I wandered around the place looking for international faces, hard task to do.

As we passed by a set of two unfamiliar faces, I applied the 3 seconds rule and immediately went for it, putting my arms around the two girls at the same time, leaning over them, and said:
'you two don't look like you're around here.'
Spot on! They were HB8 and HB7, for the record.
The didn't reject my approach at all. The went with it, laughing, also they didn't try to take my arms away. And They asked:
HB's: 'from where do you think we are?'
me , turning to the HB7 : ' you're from Poland' and again turning to the other girl: ' you're from Ukraine '

The HB7 was really impressed with my fast response and certainty in my answer, since I immediately got it right.
Although I've failed the HB8. I got it right second chance, she was from Russia.

Not bad, we were in, they totally went for it. My friend and I divided, I went for the HB8 and he went for the HB7. Without a lot of choosing, just naturally happened in a split of second.

The conversation here flowed normally with my girl. Lot's to talk about. After 2 minutes in our particular conversation, I start applying the Stealth Attraction techniques. Since we were in a nightclub, lot's of noise, bad music, I had to talk near her ear, so I tried to maintain eye contact almost all the time, and everytime I leaned forward to talk in her ear, I got really close her cheek, smoothly going to the ear. Also my hand always went around her waist. More and More. Till the point she also put her hand around mine.

So far she didn't to mind at all my movements, she kept laughing, smiling everytime. To test how it was going, I stopped talking, for a few seconds, and turned around, to see if she would try to talk again, totally worked. The conversation was on. Once I pretended to be mad at something she said. Saying, smiling and joking around that she was not worth my time and I was leaving. Turned around, pretending to leave, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards her.

At this point, I can't stop thinking of how good this is going. I start talking to her really close, lot's of eye contact, and some 'accidental' lips kisses, when I 'accidently' moved from one ear to the other, across her face. ( nice move by the way) she laughed at it, did not mind at all. Also we hugged sometimes, just for fun, joking around, like prize hugs,.

More KINO, like hair grabbing, sliding my fingers through hair. She went for it and enjoyed it. At this point my friend went for another drink, so I was left with the two girls, so my attention had to go towards both. No problem. A conversation topic immediately appeared and the three of us talked.

Now the two girls where face to face, I was on the side. So my hand kept being on my girl's back, all the time, without the other one noticing it. Kept playing with her hair. Moved along her back, near the ass. Also start playing with the bra, like soft pulling and pushing. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

After my friend got back, I went back to my girl. I think she gave me a sh1t test, kind of. She asked me to correctly spell her name. I must say I passed that one. And I said to her, that this time I deserved more than a simple hug. I asked for a cheek kiss. She immediately went for it, and I turned my face, so our lips met. She laughed. I said, here in Portugal we always give two kisses. On the other side of the cheek this time. She fell for it again, maybe on purpose this time

At this point, the cockblocker of her friend, screws my plans, claiming that she has to go to the bathroom. As I got informed, later on, by my friend, she was not interested, or something, at least not a lot going on between them.

My girl said to me she was coming right back, that I shouldn't leave the place.

And I never saw her again the rest of the night. Unfortunately my brain didn't work good enough to ask for her number, or some simply fb contact. So far did not find her in anyway, and I really liked her.

What do you think it went wrong? My fault?.. or the other girl convinced her not coming back.. or we simply didn't see eachother, since it was so packed.

Ok guys, sorry for the long post