This isn't really a field report, more like an example of a shittest that leads to flirting. It happened last night having dinner with a few friends and some new people. No intention of practicing pickup. I don't reember that exactly dialogue but it was along these words.

Shadow: But as guys we develop the ability to just tune women out.
Cutie: So you do that to all girls.
Shadow: No, only girls that I know already.
Cutie: What's the difference? (Here is the shittest)
Shadow: With a girl I know, we've already gotten to know each other. So I can just tune out the girl talk. With a new girl, I don' know her, so I talk to give us a chance to get to know each other.
Cutie: Is that what you doing with me? (another shittest and flirting, she's seeing what my reaction will be, if I can stay calm)
Shadow: (face is shocked with a smile, thinking WTF) Are you FLIRTING with me!?

Cutie is shocked out of her mind and is laughing for a good 30 seconds. Saying to her friend that I caught her off guard, but it isn't a full rejection. She recovers enough to say, "yes I was flirting with you." Then continues laughing.

Before this there were other things like asing questions about the stories I told, sitting next to me, etc.