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Thread: 10 min. bathroom F-close

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    Default 10 min. bathroom F-close

    Ok me and my friends just got down to sanfrancisco and we are applying our street game. Which included my friends chasing 2 hb9s into a store, me sneeking into a high class hotel n trying to steal away the daughter of a millionares, to no avail. But this field report is about none of this, its about my bathroom close..
    Anyways my friends had stopped these mildly cute asian chicks. My friend harryrat pulls one of them off to the side and starts macking her, when all the sudden comes a farking bum.
    Damn this city and its filth!
    And he starts harrassing them for money, throwing his hand in rats face. Rat keeps his frame and ignores him. Time for some wingmanship.
    I pop in and start amoging the fark out of the bum, at which point he tries to sell me his backpack. I walk away from him thinking he's going to leave my friend alone, nope. He walks right back over like nothing happened. God damnit!
    Constantine fills in for me and i jump in on distracting him.
    Anyways while im talking with the bum an hb7 walks by eyes me and walks off. Ok i could have sworn that was an ioi. Continue. 5 min. Later she comes by again, same thing and as she walks away looks back.
    I chase her down, by now she has her back against the wall and sees me approach. She smiles. I stop right in front of her, and just stare at her for 3 seconds before putting out my hand for introductions. I tell her my name and she says hers is extremely horny girl or horny for short.
    Some Fluff talk ensues and 15 seconds into set she looks at my lips and i go in for the kiss. We start making out and i start comfort building with her between make outs. Then i start rubbing her,, she moans and we continue.
    People continue to walk by telling us to get a room. I flip them all off and laugh. She finds this hillarious.
    Some dikish women even had the audacity to try and resolve us of our sins. She asks us how old we r i say, im 12 shes 5 im a kindergarden pimp. She walks away.
    I pick up horny and carry her up the street. She asks what im doing i tell her im finding a bathroom. She throws up minor resistance and i tell her that the only choice she has is a choice of which bathroom.
    I point at mcdonalds, jack and the box and i find a cafe. I look at her she nods. I carry her inside demand a bathroom, carry inside one of the unisex bathrooms.
    You know what happened next. Then,
    We exchange numbas and went our seperate ways.
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