Been a long time since I've posted anything on here...I figured I needed to master what I'd learned before I dove to far into this stuff and here is my list of triumphs over the last 2 months:

Facebook girl: Pretty simple stuff here...girl opens me on facebook, we bullshit for a few minutes then I ask:
"I'm not sure I've met you before...Do I know you from anywhere?"

(I already know I've never met her...just trying to get her to invest)

She says:"I don't think so!! I just thought you were pretty cute:0)"

I didn't repay the compliment and this made her invest even more until eventually she asked to hang out...I tell her I'm busy with some stuff but tell her we can next week sometime. Met her at a restauraunt and the whole date was odd as she kept talking to me like she was applying for a job and I was interviewing her lol. Aside from her oddness I decided it'd be good for my confidence to close her so I took her back to my apartment and that was that.

Girl 2: This girl I work with...she had a boyfriend and was a side project of mine experimenting with my own version of the boyfriend destroyer routine. Well my routine paid off (I essentially kept giving the bf compliments and she slowly but surely be-littled him bit by bit). If i had to pinpoint the part where I hooked her I'd say it was here:

At work and we're in tickle fight:
Me: Hey get your little t-rex arms away from me or else I'm telling the bf!!!

Her: Pffft he probably wouldn't least you're fun!

Me: You have no idea...(said with cheeky tone)

Her: Hopefully I'll find out.

Long story short....she did find out, and a week later she was single and we hang out once every couple weeks if you know what I mean.

I have had two more pickups under my belt with girls that were in a relationship closed both of them using the boyfriend destroyer technique with my own twist that works for me but nothing too crazy.

Thanks for reading and I always appreciate comments and criticism!!