The night starts off at a buds place for a Pre party before the club. he comes down the stairs with Tie dye shirts for all the guys to wear (5 of us). He lives an hour walk from the club so we just drive there.

Alright we get in the club and its Bumping. LOTS of HB's and lots of AFCs, not even 5minutes in and everyone is wondering who the F*ck these tie die guys are. We all split up and 2 of them get girls right away. Me and my student (who just started gaming & a virgin) kept getting rejected after the make outs. Our goal was an F-close.

20 minutes till the ball drops and were running around like mad men approaching every girl in sight. My buddy comes up to me, and says he's gotten 5 rejections and doesn't know what he's doing wrong. I send him in a set telling him to use one of my openers and within 20 seconds him and this HB9 are sucking face so hard LOL

MIDNIGHT STRIKES. NO GIRL. i didn't let it phase me, shit happens, I KEEP GOING. I notice my buddy had taken the HB9 to a dark corner and she had her friend HB8 and some AFC next to her. I introduce myself and mention an after party. The AFC asked to join, i said theres no room for sketchy dudes so he ended up telling the chick he was getting a drink.

Dumb f*ck leaves her alone so i swoop in. I whip out a fake australian accent and end up making out. the AFC comes back and looks Shell shocked. I tell the girl to say I'm her boyfriend and she does, he leaves and the nights coming to an end. Now were all outside and i tell the girls we have a place close by. Not being able to get a cab we walk.

Turns out the house is 1:30 MIN away for chicks in heels and its below freezing out. They wanted to stop every 5m so we end up piggy back riding them on and off for 30+ blocks.

We get back to no more party there, so i take my girl on the couch and my buddy rails the other one on the stairs until 6am. after he comes back he has a huge smile on his face because its his first lay.

Looking back on the night, the amount of last minute resistance was through the roof. But handling it with self amusement and positive illusions ( telling them 5more min over and over) was what made it work i think..