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    Default Need help for classroom pickup and AMOGing

    This happen in a class room. The class allow us to talk freely.
    From start to end, a 6(teacher) keep deliver IOI to me but I ignore her.

    I approach to a 8 using the 3 seconds rule. Sitting next to her without thinking and open a set.

    Alpha Male join in the set, soon after.

    I neg and dlv the alpha male. 8 show IOD to both of us since we both say some bullshit!

    A 9 (Friend of 8) join in the conversation. The 9 thinks I am a friend of 8 and show IOI to me.

    I switch tactics I neg both 8 and Alpha Male and do normal to 9.

    Alpha Male and 8 started to show IOI to me. 9 show IOD to me

    The 6 keep dhv me though I keep ignore her.

    I telegraph interest to the 9 , both 8 and 9 keep show IOD and show fake IOI to me after that. Alpha Male keep disturb my conversation. 8 and 9 start to ignore us.

    Class end and I left without getting any contact or phone numbers.

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    Default Re: Need help for classroom pickup and AMOGing

    amoging is my specialty, I have post upon post on the subject. Too lazy to name any of the tactics I use.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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