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    Default Help me fix my mistake of looking desperate!

    Ok so a female friend of mine i was texting and sending pictures of each other back and forth too next thing I know her hot friend I've never met or talked to gives me her number through her friend. So i text it about 5 minutes later at first it was boring generic crap then we finally hit it off turns out she was pretty awesome so i continue texting her and I would always reply within 30 minutes so she tells her friend that she thinks im more interested than she was (I wasn't... At the moment.) so i didn't text her for 3 days she obviously knew what I was doing so she spam texted me but i played it off cool to Finally text her "Wow, missed me that much?!"

    This helped turn the table we finally went on a date since we both live rather far it was just at a Starbucks coffee but God i was nervous! I dont think she could tell though because she seemed even worse than me! So i finally got bored of that crap (not my scene) and said "Lets go." And started walking she immediately got up to catch up to me. We walked to a local landmark she always texted me about wanting to see so I took her there she seemed disappointed with the landmark but not with me we had interesting conversation but finally walked to her car because Canadian winters are harsh!

    We drove around to the best view of our city n at this point she was rather impressed and began to show plenty of ioi's none of which i picked up on we sat listening to each others favourite music. She began to play with my hair because it is incredibly curly since I'm half black. We joked around about my hair for a bit with both hands on either side of my head and my hand on the back of her head... She obviously wanted a kiss so guess what i did?.....

    ... Absolutely nothing.

    I finally went home told I had a great time and left. She texts me 5 seconds later saying how much fun I am and that she could play with my hair forever! I replied in a similar fashion.

    The day after everything would change i texted her the next day it was a Monday so she was obviously busy but my feelings had taken the best of me so i assumed she was ignoring me and i continued to text her only getting one word replies. So i sent her long messages asking if she didnt want to talk to me anymore and that I'm really interested in her . This was the lowest moment in this story. So i made sure i would not text her for a week (she of purse didn't text me) i text her after New Years asking her how it went she replies "good you?" I say I dont want to talk about then finally the old girl comes out begging me to tell her i tell her how i hooked up with a girl and regret it since shes a good friend...

    At this point she goes nuts trying to tell me how she spent her New Years with a really hot guy and asking me what i did with her and it was obvious she was jealous. Until i would not reveal all the details off night she stopped replying like usual.

    This is my worst display of desperation but I would really like to attempt to get her back what step does it look like i must do?

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    Default Re: Help me fix my mistake of looking desperate!

    Bro, you put too many eggs in this basket. You need to have more girls to talk to so that you won't do things like this again. It's going to be hard to get her back and quite frankly, you might be toasted. You should have kissed her when you had her playing in your hair.

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