Ok me and my wing were finishing up our sarge at one of my favorite campuses. We said our goodbyes and parted.
I walk away when i see a HB8 in a car 20 ft away. She meets my gaze, i walk up to the car give her a quizzical look and indicate she should role down the window. She complies, i crouch down and go direct. Set a romantic frame and she wouldnt stop giggling. High attraction from the get go...this is going to be easy.
I joke with her then tell her to get out of the car i want to see how tall she is. She compies.
I start getting physical joking the entire time, then i caress the back of her head and say, you want to do something crazy she asks what. I say kiss. She instantly throws up exuses like her breath smells and some shit. I tell her some chinese woman a ways back gave me some weird fruit and now my breath was probably ten times worse. Some joke how i could be dying. I triangular gaze her, grab the back of her head and we make out. Once, twice and a third time. I get her number solidfy a date and walk away.