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    Default Sh** test success story!

    Hey guys my recent focus on game has been handling sh1t tests, and the stuff I did took some guts but it was worth it!
    Long story short
    Meet tons of girls at a dance, one in particular is flirty and we have a good vibe. Before she leaves; "Hey we're both pretty sarcastic, so we would have fun. let's hang out this week." then exchanged numbers. Chick working up in alaska, here's out texting;

    me; you must see lots of eskimos up in alaska
    her; Haha this is a true story. Sometimes more than I care to... .

    Hour later: Still alive, (my name)?
    she must have been waiting on her phone the whole time waiting for me to txt lol.

    Took her out to get a slurpee and play pool 2 days later, might have failed a "are you saying I'm fat" test because it was so out of the blue and caught me off guard, but i kind of teased her about it and said "you're just trying to trip me up."

    Yesterday I decided to set something else up for today
    (context; during the drive to her house, we talked about ice cream and she mentioned she was going to find me a place with raspberry cheesecake flavor.)

    Me; *pssh* this is alpha wolf six. Give me your update on the location of raspberry cheesecake ice cream, over. *pssh*

    Her; Holy cows (my name)!! You're quite the slave driver... i mean, it hasn't even been 24 hours...

    I took this as a test to see if I would backtrack and apologize. Instead of listen to my inner beta...

    Me: That's right! Now lash yourself 20 times for penance.

    Her: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! This isn't fun! I'm not having fun!

    Me: It's not supposed to be fun! haha I'm gunna give you a call at 9, be ready.

    Called her and set up for 4 o clock today to go get ice cream. Car trouble lead me to cancel and reschedule for the night, so I called her and left a voicemail telling her. She didn't respond for a long time, so I texted her this;

    Me; It must be fun leaving me hangin, but my time is important to me. I'll be able to go at 7 but if you don't let me know soon I'll make other plans.

    5 minutes later she calls me and we set up a time for later tonight, and she sounded as sweet as a kitten. We'll see what other tests she has in store for me tonight.

    Guys this stuff really works! If you feel that little pang in your stomach when a girl says or does something, rest assured it IS a test and an OPPORTUNITY to stand up for yourself and display how much you value yourself.

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    Default Re: Sh** test success story!

    I wish I could tell every guy how to handle sh!t tests...but then there would be too much competition hahah

    Well played man, and you brought up a good point...a valuable one as well that I learned from b4utxther:

    "If she is giving you a test, it means she is starting to like you" - Race

    Study up guys...passing these tests are not only fun, but important!
    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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