So i just began studying the art of pua, and i decided to give it a try. I read the book "The Game" as you're all probably familiar with, and it kind of got me hooked on the idea.

I've always been interested in game, but I've never taking it this serious, so I decided (after getting a pattern up and running) to give it a try - so let's get to the point.

I got invited out by some friends of mine to drink a few beers and talk about each bros new year, so it wasn't really about picking up women, but I saw it as a chance to try a few lines and see if I would catch a few girls.

We started out at a boring bar, which really didn't have any interesting girls, except the waiter, who actually gave me a smile, but I didn't have the balls to trick it that early, and the boys might see it as too alpha and start commenting on it.
So nothing really happened there, so I'll skip on to the next place. Our group splittet up, and I ended up chilling with an old friend of mine. We talked about getting two 7 brunettes over to the table by opening with a "We have a discussion about how much money on make-up girls spend each month, bla bla question" which was a mix of a opener and a neg. But before we had a chance to get them over, two girls sat down at the table. two 3-4's.. I thought "What the hell", might as well try this on some girls i don't give a F about.. So we ran the routine, totally alphaing the girls, but we soon got bored.. It was extremely easy to make them interested and I tried to force myself to keep the cocky funny up - but it was hard, because I was so bored. (why can't I fark boring girls??)

I'm not a shy person at all, I'm very social and I have absolutely no problem being the center of attention or talking to girls. The problem is, that I'm not a closer.. I never farking close the deal on a girl who's shy or who feel dominated by me. Even with these to 3's I didn't even have the balls to ask one of them to come out side or something so I could finish it easy.. I thought it would seem awkward

I know it isn't that detailed on the talk with them.. but I ran it well, and got tons of ioi's.. How do I close girls on a bar?

I'm not much into the terms yet, but I'm looking forward to a response.

PS. Most girls see me as a 8+, and still I can't get the 8-9's because I'm to shy to close it.. I've had a 8 girlfriend of two years, and I have absolutely no problem with flirting with girls etc.. I just cant farking close on strangers who is not dominating and taking the closing steps.