So here's an experience I had the other day while I was at the bar. Not gonna go into too much detail with the night since it was pretty bland and unspectacular to say the least. Not very many cute girls out so I made it just about having fun instead of trying to pick up anyone. I found a group of people, 6 in all, outside in the smoking area. They were all laughing and having a good time so I went and invited myself in by asking them "Who do you think lies more? Men" point at the men, "Or women?" point at the girl. I was doing it in an over the shoulder fashion and leaned in slightly while they talked before rocking back out to do my own thing. They opened up pretty quick after I got the whole group involved, but one guy in particular was eye-balling me pretty damn hard. He started to talk about his car, and his gf and bla bla bla, typical I'm better than you stuff. Then he made a fatal mistake.

"I used to be a breakdancer man. Seriously I could go out on a dance floor and do my thing and have chicks swarming around me in minutes" he said in his self satisfied tone of voice. I decided to test him. "Show us then" He did, he wasn't terrible but he wasn't exceptional either. He had the prime spot in the group anyways, leaning back against the railing while everyone was facing him. As he left I took his spot and leaned back, enjoying the show with everyone. He came back, slightly out of breath and said. "You're in my spot" in a challenging tone of voice. "Oh really? Didn't know we could claim territory around here" using a joking tone of voice the whole time with a smile, "You know dogs mark their territory. Guess we aren't that much more evolved if we start claiming spots in a public place as ours" Big laugh from his group of friends. He's still looking pissed at me and moves in close. "Hey man, I don't swing that way but listen" put a condescending palm on his shoulder to keep him at arms length. "I'll make a bet with you. If you do this experiment with me and it turns out I'm wrong, you can have your spot back. But if I'm right, I keep it and you calm down and have a good time with the rest of us ok?" I give him a slight push backwards and he nods as I do a simple number ESP trick that I learned off of here.

It goes: Pick a number between 1-10, now multiply it by 9, now add the two digits together. Now subtract 5. Now if A=1, B=2 etc, pick a country that starts with that letter. Now think of an animal that starts with the last letter of that country. Now think of a color with the last letter of the animal. After he does all this I say, "Why did you pick an orange kangaroo in Denmark?" and give him a quizzical look before smiling and everyone else laughs too. After that he relaxes a bit more and nods in defeat as I tell a few stories before shifting the attention off of me to get a drink. I bring one back for the AMOG too to help his self-esteem a bit and soon he thinks we're best friends.

Anyways, the rest of the night was boring but that was how I tamed an AMOG for the night. Let me know what you guys think!