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    Default First Appoarch- Got a number close

    There was this HB9 that I met a while back through a friend who i thought i would never had a chance with but after watching some rsd, and pua artists videos it gave me the courage to go up and talk to her. I didn't really use an opener just kinda went in saying "Hey, ____ , I haven't seen you since that night at baranagas." i used the some of the canned dhv's like the cube and lie and trust tests. I was a little shaky at first and I defiantely couldve got the kiss close if I wasnt drinking but the fun thing was she was with like 6 guys that i knew from school and i could see there fail attempts to hook her. but really got me was she was into my convo and she was leaning in and just totally into my convo and looked at me with like puppy dog eyes and a huge smile. then she started asking about me and trying to prove herself to me. The reason i was also shaky too was becuase when i got there i heard her say to her friend they were leaving in 5 minutes and i really kicked my game into overdrive and just started being natural about it. Eventually we found ourselves by ourselves against the wall just talking in our conspiracy, and this was an hour later, when she said she had to go. at that moment i was like wow this shit works man, but they did have to go and not to sound needy i told her i was heading to the club tm night with a bunch of ppl and grabbed her number. but now my text game isnt that strong and she tried to come to the club that night but couldnt get in. now i feel i might lose her if i cant find a way to keep her interested.

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    Default Re: First Appoarch- Got a number close

    Try not to become needy after a successful approach, remember you're the prize not her, it doesn't matter how much you want her, you should keep your frame strong.

    Basicly you flaked her which isn't all bad, she would problably want to see you again afterwards.

    I once hooked up with this girl at the mall and her friend was there, her friends attitude was awful and the conversation were way boring so I just left. She looked all sad and kept texting me. Having a girl chasing you is a better feeling then you chasing her, trust me.

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