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Thread: Holiday Field Report - Fuser F-close Hired gun

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    Default Holiday Field Report - Fuser F-close Hired gun

    First of all Happy New Year everyone! I really wish you all the best in 2013. I hope we can all continue to improve and reach our goals. So I haven't posted in a bit, I was on holidays and did some sarging. I am happy with my results. I was gone for a week, and had 2 F-closes. I will probably write a separate field report for the other one but this one is my best so far!

    Target: Waitress at Hotel Bar (HB fucking 10..) sexiest girl there by far
    Setting: Hotel Restaurant/Bar

    Time: Took me 2 nights.

    It's going to be long but I think it kind of shows all the steps from the opener, preselection/dhv, and frame control.

    So I arrive the first night quite late after getting lost (iPhone Maps...) and check in. We are all really hungry and want to eat but we are told kitchen is closed. Looks like only drinks will have to do. We walk in to the bar and it is mostly older couples. I do spot the most gorgeous bartender ever. She is serving a group of girls (3 set, Hb7-8). I make eye contact with her and immediately open the 3 set.

    I do a very basic opinion opener and select a target from within the 3 set (to be honest, my target was the bartender but I knew it was tough).

    Me: "You all look bored. It's almost new year. You should put down the girly drinks and live a little. You're killing the party" Big smile on my face, there was clearly no party.

    Convo continues, girls were actually quite cool I asked them about places close by. My buddies all grabbed their drinks and the bartender interrupted me for mine

    Me: Woah, where are your manners! Can't you see we are having a heated conversation

    Her: Let me guess, you are designated driver!

    Me: Shush, you will get your turn (My body language was confident. I was teasing her and smiling, not being rude, see body language and subtext are key)

    I turn to the girls talk a bit more. Did DHV, was confident and cocky funny. Now I continue using kino and my target from the group asks me to dance. I control the frame and politely decline

    "I don't want to embarrass you. I am a phenomenal dancer, I don't think you could keep up " (Bullshit, I am average at best)

    I order a drink from the bartender. She asks me where I am from, I control the frame and didn't answer any of her questions which kept her interested for a few seconds. Then from behind the target pulled me to dance. Bartender took notice. (Now it was on! Thanks preselection) Made eye contact with her from afar a few times while dancing, had lots of Kino. So I had great preselection going on now. I took advantage and brought the girl to order a drink. I had her buy me a drink

    Me: Now that you had the best dance of your life you have the honor of buying me a drink

    Her: Wow, you are quite the gentleman. What do I get in return

    Me: A kiss if you're lucky. (Smile, touched her face made eye contact)

    Her: I need it in advanced (something like that)

    We kiss. Bartender clearly sees. Anyways we end off the night dancing with her and her friends, make out. I got the girls cell and they went to their room. I went for a last drink and the bartender at this point is giving me ton of IOI. At one point she was basically ignoring customers to flirt. I played it cool and pointed it out

    Me: You really shouldn't be flirting when you have customers...not very professional of you

    Her: You've had too many I can tell. I am cutting you off (Bullshit I had 3 drinks)

    Me: Whatever. We are continuing the party upstairs.

    She mentioned there was a live band tomorrow night and I should check it out. So we had a little more fluff talk (very little she is working) and I left.

    The next night we stop by for a couple of drinks. She is on our side of the bar and actually greets me with a hug. I jokingly used "hands off the merchandise" line. I didn't want to show too much interest so I rejoined the guys and we actually approached another set. this really made her jealous I could tell. When I approached for a drink

    Her: So where is your girlfriend from last night?

    Me: Oh you're not one of those are you? I knew it (Frame control, didn't answer or validate her question)

    Her: I am not jealous (She said it not me) you guys looked cute together

    I reached over to touch her shoulder (was actually pretty awkward because of the distance...didn't turn out as smooth as I had planned) and said
    "It's okay doll, if you play your cards right you'll have your turn"

    She was taken by that. I rejoined my group. She came over asked what we were doing after. She was getting off at 2. I told her we were getting a drink afterwards and to sneak a bottle out. She agreed. I left to my room came around that time. We hung out a bit. I showed her some salsa steps (mad kino).

    Me: Well, I am pretty tired. You better do something to keep me awake or you will lose me to my bedroom.

    Just stares at me...I can tell she's ready to be kissed

    I kiss her. After a bit I take her to my room. (No resistance) Luckily my friend was still drinking at our other buddies room. And the rest is history. Very little LMR.

    So, good way to end off 2012. By far hottest girl I have been with. Hired gun, it made me feel awesome. It gave me so much confidence I actually got another f-close new years eve (not an HB10 but still good).

    I think the key was the confidence, didn't show her too much interest, and she saw I HAD OPTIONS. That was my intention by hitting on other girls.

    Cheers guys. Sarge on

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    Default Re: Holiday Field Report - Fuser F-close Hired gun

    That was fantastic work. It seems with Hired Guns, preselection is key.

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