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Thread: Speed sexual attraction by Suave Kino

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    Thumbs up Speed sexual attraction by Suave Kino

    Yo PUA's ~~~

    It's been a few times I went out sarging but fortunately. yesterday night, guess who I went out with? It was Kino Suave.
    Honestly, this is my first time being on this forum so I did not know much about Kino's game until I saw it directly with my eyes.

    Honestly, I am pretty new to the game. So, I did not have any score last nigh. But, I was glad that I went out with Kino.

    So, we were at a night club. It was a 2 set. I approached the set first. Then, Kino just went up and approach them with the Ex-boyfriend opener. Suddenly, they were opening up and giving a lot of attention to Kino. Then, he moved on with the Palm Flash routine with the Troublemaker routine. In just seconds, both of the girls started to be so curious about what Kino's was doing how did he figure out which one of them was the frequent trouble maker. Then, Kino moved on to his Castle routine with the friend of his target. I just kept the target busy. Another girl joined in our conversation, Kino just throw her a disqualifier after looking her palm. Then, he continued his castle routine and the lying game with his target. While I was keeping the target's friend busy, she was so thrilled and amazed how Kino could figure her out. At this point, I saw Kino pulling his target's hair and she was definitely showing tones of ioi's and her eyes were blinking as if she was turned on. At that time, I knew that Kino was on. Just as soon as I thought Kino was going to kiss-close his target. He just stopped everything and gave me a signal that we go out to grab some air. As we were leaving the group, Kino's target acted like she did not want him to leave. Well, I was still so amazed by how fast Kino has turned both of them within 20 - 30 minutes. Geez, that was fast!

    Anyway, only after we left that club, Kino shared to me that that girl already has a boyfriend and that was the reason he stopped gaming her because he has some qualifiers for girls he actually close. Man... that was wild for me because that girl was so hot and if I had had some many IOI's from her, I would have closed her regardless of her having a boyfriend. Well, I guess that's different with someone like Kino who has his game at a level that he can actually turn down so many hot girls.

    Thanks Kino for inspiring me with your game. Honestly, I was glad that finally I could see a real pro PUA in action!! I really hope I would have that kind of choice in near future like Kino...


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    Default Re: Speed sexual attraction by Suave Kino

    GTO, this will be the first of many my friend.

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    Default Re: Speed sexual attraction by Suave Kino

    Amazing as usual Kino. Tbh I'm a little jealous of gto, being able to sarge with kino.

    Is there any chance you could link those routines you mentioned? Would help wonders.

    Thanks again.

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