So last night I had my first night in the field with the main intent being game.

Feeling driven to finally take my first field step, I texted my buddies to see if they wanted to go out and party before they had to leave town for the weekend. (I used that kinda as a cover)

After getting no texts back or some maybes and cant's, I finally said fark it and just went on my own.

I know solo game is very challenging and I was nervous, but I would not be denied.

So I drove out to the pub and immediately tried to gain some social proof where I could (chatted up bartenders, had some laughs with a bouncer, and chatted up some of the guy patrons about sports and whether sam adams winter lager was any good (and it was! :P)

I then made my first set approach on the girl sitting next to me at the bar. (Red head with a hoodie and tattoos.)

My open was me commenting on one of her tattoos that was intriguing. It was a heart shaped lock with some cool designs on it. Basically it went like, "excuse me, hi real quick, but that tattoo is super cool. Does it mean anything?" I then made a comment of her hello kitty tattoo she also had and did a light tease with some kino of me touching her tattoos I then used a opinion opener that hyp told me that was asking her if women prefer clothes to be tight fitting or loose. Because my buddy didnt know what shirt size to buy his girlfriend for a present.

She gave her answer, made some comments about the fuuny things that can be made from either choice (loose could mean he thinks she's fat and how some girls like tighter clothes.) I then joked about it, and got a laugh. But it didn't go anywhere or I just pussied out and shook her hand and walked away.

I then walked over to another bar area of the pub where there were these two girls sitting and drinking (could tell they already had a few, ha ha.) made a venue observation opener about how dead the place was and went from there. Got good responses, but them being liquor end up probably greatly helped. Found out they both had the same exact name and they used to work with one another. Teased them about that, and they gave some suggestive jokes about how guys never forgot their names or something like that. I then made a comment about my job and how hilarious I found some women's purses to be priced. (I work in retail)

They laughed a fair bit and us being next to the DJ gave me a good chance to speak in ones ear. I think I was getting IOIs, but I'm not sure. They asked why I was here alone and I made up a story that my buddy bailed on me so I was just chilling there.

Again, I blanked in how to escalate or progress it. So I stopped talking, got out of my seat, hovered a bit, then made a comment that I had to go. Have them kinda a double hug and walked off.

My buddy then texts me if I was still down to go tonight with him to the same exact pub I was already at. Let him jokingly know I was already there. Before he showed up I kinda chilled at the bar and talked with another guy about football.

Briefly spoke to some waitresses as well. Nothing worth talking about really. Then my buddy and a few other guys we know showed up and my game took a sidetrack for a bit. Two of the guys walked off to "scope the place out" and the rest of us just drank or drinks and chatted it up. They then started to bring up approaching, and then they proceeded to give me "pointers" and treated me like the guy who didn't know what he was doing like I always been before. (I'm actually very much the AFC beta in my group, now they are trying to help out or whatever.) I thought the stuff one of them was saying sounded stupid compared to what I've read over the past few months, but I just gave me a courteous smile, yeah, and nod. Didn't pay attention, though.

I then brought up winging to my friend who, who I will freely admit, is the AMOG in this case. He's rather alpha and hit it off rather well with one girl later on in the night, but he has a GF so he was just having light fun. But I was interesting watching him because I noticed (never before until now after I learned about alpha body language and traits) the different stuff he was doing (standing hip to hip next to her while she's sitting down, arm over back of her chair, leaning in close, etc.) and my other buddy in this scenario was really hitting it off with the friend of hers and he got some good leg gropes and kino and such. He talked to her for quite a bit. Keep in mind this instance happened at the end of the night, I just wanted to talk about it now.

Anyway, like I was saying, I brought up winging to my AMOG buddy and he was willing to help me out with any set I really wanted to engage. He asked if any girls struck my fancy, and I pointed to a very cute Asian at the bar. He just gave me a "go get Sam tiger" like affirmation and I approached her solo. Commented on her e-cig she was smoking, talked a bit about where she's going to school and our majors, (I brought up me studying theater, which had a good response from her) after more banter I then made the comment of having to get back to my friends and went for a Number Close. She laughed and joked that her BF would kill her if she did that. I laughed it off, have her a side hug, and went on my way.

I then walked around the pub a bit and noticed the two girls with the same names I met before dancing. Walked over and joined them, and it was just a awkward kinda mess. (I have NO clue how to dance in this situation or in general or how to act in that scenario. So I awkwardly walked back to my bros and told them where I been. They then gave me their usual lecture and pointers on what to do, again treating me like the beta AFC (It's really only because that's how I've ACTED before all the time, so there honestly earnestly trying to help and there good guys.)

The group then moves to the bar and they start doing shots. I'm trying not to get too drunk, but I admit I should have limited myself more. It might have effected my game in hindsight.

Anyway, the group notices the set sitting down from us and I can head them making comments about them. I could tell they maybe wanted to talk with them, but they were slow rolling. So I said fark it and walked down the bar and opened them up by asking one of them what type of drink she had. The one I asked said "sex on the beach" and I made a one if those weird "ah, I see (repeat the name she said" things. Started chatting more when all of a sudden one of my friends comes out of nowhere with the classic "hey, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friends" bit. And I introduce him to the two girls. He then starts chatting up the girl I was working on then I started to chat up the other. who was a brick wall. I switched places with my buddy so we weren't talking across each other. I can't tell if he cock blocked me or just jumped in when he noticed I had the balls to go open them up.

Anyway, he walked off and left me to chat with them. But the interaction was dead once again from lack if knowing what to say. I tried to regain the interaction by making a teasing comment of her phone. This lead to banter and I then attempted a number close. She gave the "why don't I get YOUR number" bit and I made a comment about "when someone usually says that they don't call the guy back." I said it jokingly, but in hindsight I think it was a red flag mistake. She then kinda laughed and said "how do you know?" And I said something like "what, you think I'm one of those weirdos?" with a bit of a laugh. Probably another red flag mistake.

Little more banter and then I said, (very AFC like -_-) "so, your sure I can't get your number?" She laughed and said "no, no thank you." I accepted it, gave a bit of a hug, and walked to my friends.

And that pretty much was the night. All in all I was happy with it. I took the first step in actually getting out their, making mistakes, and trying to learn from them. I don't regret any of the approaches, just that they didn't go anywhere.