Im at an out of state training course in a small town. There are about 200 other students here, predominantly male. One day I was in the hallway waiting for a friend when a HB8 was cruising by. Due to the large amount of men, I assessed she had likely been hit on and stared at a lot already. I opened with a neg. As she walked by I looked over my shoulder and said I was surprised her style of boots were coming back in style. She immediately became engaged with me and I put her in the position where she felt she had to qualify herself. Of course once I opened some other guys tried to join in the convo, when she started talking to someone else I turned my back to her and checked my e-mail on my cell. When she realized what happened she started trying to talk to me again, positioning her body directly towards me. I got her name but took it easy because I knew id see her again.

Two days later I did, told her she could take me to dinner(she didn't ask), but my schedule was filling up quick.. Number Close. 10 min after number close she texted me for a picture, I said "you first". Pictures exchanged and some small talk plus sh1t test that I plain ignored And we were out on our sate later that evening. By the end of dinner we were holding hands, after the first bar(one drink) we were kissing, by the movie we gad slowed to kissing and cuddling. I did manage to get get back to my hotel room by nonchalantly offering a drink, she laid down with be but it was so damn late I didn't even wanna try for FC. I have terrible ADD though, not sure I wanna work it any more.

Anyways, first time poster, been reading forums for a little though. Some great stuff on here.