Alright here is a nice and simple way to get a quick and easy Number Close...

Scene Kansas city at some bar...
Found target two set... informed my wing that I am going to approach them.

Open approach (high energy and with large smile) Me: Hey! High Five woooo... (go off of how much energy she gives you back) (plus a quick kino)
She give me back a high five with alot of energy and laughs with a big smile.
Me: Wow! that is amazing you have given me the best High Five of the night!
Her: Really! that is awesome
Me:Yeh! you are like the High Five master right now... until I find someone else who can bet you that is (laugh and smile)
Her: hmmm... I don't know if you will be able to (Smile) (IOI... subconsciously try to qualify herself)
Me: I am enjoying your energy right now! You must know how to Party! (put my hand on her shoulder for kino escalate)
Her: Hell Yeh! I know how to have a good time!
Me: I am **** what is yours!?
Her: That is what up I am ****!
Change the subject and lead the conversation - Me: Oh yeh! well do you do alot of traveling?!
Her: A little bit...
Gain rapport and dhv Me: Have you ever been to London!?
Her: No but I really would like to go!
Me: No way you would love that place! (did my picture routine learn in the game by Style)
Her: That is so awesome...
Me: Man I feel like we were have these really cool connection right now!
Her: Yeh I totally feel it a lot (Really big IOI)
Seduction Phase - Me: You know what I really like about you!?
Her: What is that (said with a big Smile and Anime eyes IOI)
Me: Not only do we have the same energy level, and have this really awesome connection but I also like how your hair seem to perfectly match the shape of your face you got some amazing style (when saying this the hair part draw a backward C on her face)
Her learning in close after I did that wanting to kiss...
Me - Push back because push and pull method... always leave her wanting more...
Me: Hey! you are amazing next time I come into town we have to hang out! put your number in my phone! (Give her my phone before she could response)
Her: Ok! puts her number on my phone
Me: That is what up!
Then talk alittle bit about what we are going to do and other stuff (REMEMBER NEVER JUST LEAVE AFTER GETTING A PHONE NUMBER OR ELSE SHE WILL BE HESITANT TO ANSWER OR HANG OUT WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME!!!) after about 20 mins of awesome conversation I excuse myself and left...