I met a girl online. She treated me to dinner 1 month ago. After that we often chat online, sometimes we do phone calls and SMS. 3 days ago when I chatted with her online, she seemed irritated because she said that I didn't treat her to a meal. I appeared to be reluctant, but finally I agreed to treat her to a meal. My questions are,
1. how can I qualify her? She is beautiful and cute, but apart from that, I can't find something in her that can extremely impress me or attract me. So far, I feel she is very ordinary apart from her appearance and her cuteness.

2.I know that I'm supposed to do Kino Escalation when I meet her again. My question is, if it progresses very well, how can I move her to a place where I can kiss her or even make love? We live in opposite directions of the same city. If I go to visit her house, what decent pretext can I use? If we go to a hotel, what decent pretext can I use? Or how can I move her to my house? I don't mean that I have to sleep with her when I meet her this time, but I raise the questions for planning. Because the meeting may turn out to be good, and if I am skilled at moving her to a place where sex can realistically happen, then I can probably have sex with her.

Thank you in advance.