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    Cool N-Close but little attraction... how, how, how?

    Hey all! I'm recently out of a relationship and getting back into the game, and have had moderate success overcoming my subsequent aa (it's getting better and better). That's a little bit of background just to set up the fact that my attraction-building skills are rusty.

    Last night I was out with a friend and we opened a 2 set (HB9, HB7) that had been bumping into my back while joking about some riverdancing (this made for an easy opener). I ended up with the HB7 (even though my friend is in a relationship), but I don't care at all- she's still pretty attractive. We talked for quite a bit (we ended up being from the same hometown!) and there was some joking, she seemed to be enjoying herself. However, I have realized that I ask too many questions. I don't seem to have the banter skills that keep a girl on her toes and laughing. I also had trouble building attraction because of the nature of the conversation- very fact-based. There were some jokes and I feel she enjoyed herself for the most part, but I fully recognize the flaws in my conversational approach. Anyway, I n-closed and plan on asking her to coffee, perhaps next week (though I'll text her before then to check in and get her my number- any text suggestions?). So my questions are...

    How can I work on building attraction after our initial meeting was not rife with it?

    And more broadly... I know there are many attraction resources on the site... what is your favorite one and how might it help me?

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    Default Re: N-Close but little attraction... how, how, how?

    it all comes with practice bro, but sounds like you are making a lot of progress. yes, don't ask too many questions. that's a bad thing. and if you do ask questions, make it open ended, not yes-no answers... tell her some stories... that dhv you.. that's a big one... you opened, you're in, you banter a little, then go straight to telling stories... i travel a ton... so i always bring that up - all women love traveling, and i have a lot of real interesting stories... so it always comes up.. it's a DHV... but you should adopt something that you like talking about, craft a story if it didn't really happen but try to make it fit your personality as much as possible... your stories should DHV and if it's a good one, there will be more questions she asks than you can answer... on my travel stories, I always have to say... control yourself... man you interrupt me way too much, no manners.. etc... because my stories generate questions...
    that's a big piece of the puzzle...
    The world is your matrix. You control the strings.

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