First field report. Hopefully some of this may be useful .


Last night me and my mate went to a few rocker bars to try some stuff we've picked up. I in shirt, tie and waistcoat, my friend in a smart polo shirt and chinos. Not your average looking rocker bar patrons. We definitely stood out.

This helped my friend as 2 girls commented on his shirt. The first, a HB7.5 we both talked to. My friend dropped a neg on her stating she looked 30 when she was actually 25 lol. This struck a nerve but she still stayed around seeking approval . Later we were on the dancefloor. She took a picture of my friend and her together. I took her phone and offered to take a pic of them but I told her to kiss him on the cheek, which she obliged. I then took a second but told her to kiss him properly. Again she obliged . Unfortunately he didn't Number Close. Which proved to be a blessing in disguise as this bird became an utter b1tch later.

I managed to N-close a girl too, also a HB7.5. She came to me, saying 'you went to my school!'. We talked and whilst doing so; I made sure I used plenty of kino I.E. touching the small of her back when talking to her. I used aggawam's finger walk kino, take the time to check it out it's an excellent technique. She didn't copy me but it gave me license to prod her nose and be a bit playful . Straight after this I asked, 'so, can I have your number?' She said yes and took my phone and put her number in. She also called off my phone to hers in front of me so no fake number stuff.

Could've done better but due to us being quite inebriated from several double vodka-red bulls we couldn't. All in all though our first attempt at sarging came up with decent results.

Thanks for Reading