Heads up this thread may make you feel negative/punch me in the face for a horrendous showing on my part

TRIVIA: What do you get when you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with its lowest form.

Answer: Rock Bottom

Besides being a great finisher, Rock Bottom is about my mental state after last night.

The night actually began pretty well. I got a good meal, I moved all the chairs out of my room so the only place to sit would be on one of the two beds.

I'm going to a party for mainly people who I know already. I decide to go hang out at a friend of mine's apartment who is in the same building as the party. One of my other friends, female decides to tag along.

We get there and its me and four other girls, my two friends and then friends of the girl who owns the apartment. Had met them before, one HB 8 (had BF) other HB 7. Spent almost no time engaging them. Fail one.

After about an hour and a half I tell them I'm going down to this party. One of my friends asks if I want her to tag along. I tell her she does not have to come, but she can if she wants to. We then kind of bicker about what to do.

I was indecisive. Failure two.

So both my friends come down with me.I have some more social proof now.

Party is busy, I'm trying to keep my friends entertained because they are bored out of there mind. Another two set comes over, who I dont know. Basically engage in Fluff even after my friends leave after realizing how boring the party is.

Eventually the mood of the conversation drops. Failure Three. Then I drop this awesome line "Sorry, I hope I didnt just kill your evening." in a fairly non joking method. Failure Four.

Conversation kind of falls apart. I try to open another set, use a bad opener. Failure Four. Conversation ends up splitting with me not involved in either.

I go to another room where some other drinking game is going on, there is one HB8 red head. I start a little small talk with her and some other people in the room. The set ranges from about two to three as people move in and out

Eventually the conversation drops, not entirely my fault, but I did little to save the conversation. HB8 clearly starts to lose interest.

Now during this conversation I had two massive frame control fails. Both involving a conversation with the same person.

This is the really bad one

HB: My sister says Jewish guys make really good boyfriends so now I'm dating
Other guy (who is Jewish): Yeah Jewish guys make awesome boyfriends, right Swish
Me (ALSO JEWISH): oh I woudln't know

Failure I've lost count

Conversation just becomes us exchanging stories about bad events in our life, nothing really funny. I also dropped the "Sorry to kill your evening with all this dark sh*t." line again. Clearly I was on a roll.

Eventually the only other HB had left and I had lost any interest in talking to anyone else.

Went back to my friends apartment grabbed my stuff, sort of pissed off my friend in the process (while they were trying to help me with PU stuff), and left.

Didnt bring any action back and pissed off my friends. Great success

So yeah terrible failure of an evening. Hopefully someone can learn from this about what not to do.