I went out with my mixed martial arts society on Tuesday night, (it's a student night so it was packed). Anyway it was a white tee shirt social, for those of you who don't know this is where you all buy a cheap white tee and marker pens and draw all over eachother all night.

So we started off in a small bar to have a few drinks and were like the only people there, started chatting to the barmaid (solid HB8) and flirting, got her to write on my shirt, just running some casual game and teasing her about working at such a quiet bar. Anyways, Number Close was pretty basic, I just invited her to come check out a new bar with me, she agreed and I took the number.

We then moved to the club, which was packed, sat downstairs in the quieter area and my mate asked me about the barmaid, so I told him and he wanted to compete with me about who could get the most girls that night. Now obv I accepted, I can't imagine a way to have more fun now I'm going to run through my k and n closes of the next 2 hours, after that the night went a bit dodgy, but I'm not going into that, it weren't about pick up lol. Anyway I used the same opener every time which was obv 'write something nice on my shirt' or variations there of. So the closes

K close 1
(at the bar)
Me: hey youu, write summit on my shirt for me?
Her: why?
Me: cus I'm far too attractive for you to refuse such an offer
Her: haha you wish babe, but ok come here
Me: u'd best be nice on there
Her: ohh I will (proceeds to draw a penis on my shirt, no one is original anymore )
Me: we'll that's not very nice, your Guna have to make it up to me now (moves closer as saying it)
Her: really? And how would I do that
Me: a kiss would do I suppose (hand on chin, pull in and k close)
Me: hmmmm, not bad I think you could do better tho
Her: (leans back in and try's again, really goes for it this time)

So I basically repeated this same k close 6 times, I substituted saying they have to make up for being nasty for saying I'll call the number they wrote on my shirt, but I'll need something to remember them by first. That one got me a kiss of 2 girls, who were together and best friends by the look of it :L

Anyway, by the end of that night grand total was 6 k closes and 7 n closes. And the lesson I have learnt is that white t shirt socials and competition with your friends makes game really easy in a club :L

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