Hi guys,

I'd like to preface this report by saying that it's my first posted report on this site. I've been out gaming a bunch of times before and was a member here for a little, but was just too lazy to post anything before! Any comments and critiques on my game would be awesome. Thanks!

So the night started with my crew walking down towards the nights venue (House Party lol!) Tonight I was joined by two guys who had good game but also gfs and a pretty serious AFC, but he's learning. My natural friend was asleep in his room so he didn't join us tonight. A good group all things considered, and we rolled up around 10:30 and started checking things out. Sh !t, this was going to be a really tough night, not a good venue for gaming at all! Literally packed wall to wall in the basement dance floor, I could barely move, let alone game. Add to that the fact that I'm a pretty short guy (below 5'8" with shoes), and that I wasn't dressed nicely bc I had to leave in a hurry, and it looked like a pretty tough night to game.

Started the night off talking to the owners of the house at the door, and then went over to my friends in line, talked to them a little bit, and went over to the DJ with my one friend and chatted him up. Very very loud so it was hard to have a conversation. Found one of my classmates (female) and chatted her up for a minute or two, asked for her number and got it (staunchly in friendzone with this girl so a useless number by most accounts, we'll see though). Talked to a few other girls and I got about 4 lines deep with each before they got distracted and blew me out. Chatted up a random guy in line and got his number for future parties. I should have mentioned that I was supposed to meet a girl I had met the week before here, to go dancing. She showed up, but bc I did not have my "trademark" hat on lol, she was not so interested. She was dancing with some other guy, but casually and I came over to join in, talked for a little, but she wasn't so interested, so I was going to let her go until the other guy tells me: "Dude, just leave." I don't take this lightly, so I turn to her and whisper, alright, have fun with **** (a guy who was super creepy with her last week), this guys creepin me out so i'm leaving." She backed away lol, and no longer trusted him so much. Texted her at the end of the night, she replied but I didn't bother.

Alright so no worries, I went upstairs with my friends, and much to my delight there were much less crowds and a bunch of couches. Better! My friend goes to me, amazingJay, which girl is your target here? there was a pretty attractive girl in a less attractive 4 set standing near the wall, and I silently motioned to her. I don't like the HB system, but I would say she was about HB 7.5 He goes over and introduces himself, and I follow in, we make some light banter with the group and I start flirting more heavily with my target. I ask if they've ever heard of five questions, and unfortunately bc I didn't ignore the obstacles, they say they would like to join in. I respond, more of a one person game, but let's all play! Luckily this worked out in my favor as the obstacles lost and walked off annoyed and the target won the game lol. I congratulated her and told her that most people don't win, so I'm impressed, and I'm not impressed easily. Went for the n-close, got it quickly, and rejoined my friends, who congratulated me.

Opened a two set and talked for roughly 15 lines before I said I had to leave and they walked away. Could overhear one of them saying ("He was a cool guy.") as they left, so I probably should have gone for the n-close here.

Anyway, found another girl by herself, situational open, and chatted her up for a bit (she was from Cali, which was kinda cool, and provided good convo) Ran 5 questions again (need to stop with all of these routines, but whatever). Not terribly attractive, but I figured I'd go for the n-close anyway. Gave her a nickname and put that in my phone. Number followed, so it must have worked a little.

Go to approach a very attractive girl w her two friends when I see a dude sit down with the girl I JUST n-closed and her friend and ask: "So, this may sound wierd, but do you believe in spells?" No way. I had to sit down and listen to this. Unfortunately, the guy sort of botched the delivery of the opener and subsequent story, which had the result of scaring the girl away instead of getting her number. I was just excited to happen across another PUA so I walked up and said, "Hey I'm just wondering, have you ever read the Game?" Very excited to meet another PUA as I was, so we discussed some topics out of earshot for awhile, before exchanging numbers and promising to sarge with each other. Awesome!

Final approach of the night was the girl I had spied before meeting my newfound PUA friend. Very attractive, but she had a very aggressive mother hen friend who yelled at me almost immediately. I stayed calm throughout this beatdown, and was super lucky that her other friend guided her away. She had a remarkably nice and down-to-earth personality that I don't come across very often, so conversation came easily and we talked for like twenty minutes about a bunch of topics.

Continued to be playful throughout, and teased her quite a bit. The result was her starting to validate herself to me: textbook. So we walked over to the owner of the house, I thanked him for the party and got his # for future parties (this is always important IMO). Anyway, I drew her attention back, and got her number. Texted her my name, and she replied with a playful message. Made fun of her for texting 6 inches away and brought her over to a couch where I ran the cube (seriously I need to stop these routines , especially at this point in the convo!) She said she doesn't believe in that kinda stuff but "shh it's ok".

A little Kino Escalation occurred during the rest of our conversation. She told me You know, you seem pretty nice. Red flag. I responded, well sometimes I can be nice, but most of the time I'm not so nice, people like that side of me the best. That worked somewhat, but I figured I needed at least a k-close to avoid the friend zone. (I was in no position to escalate further by this point in the night lol). So I did the french goodbye, except I went left cheek, right cheek, and finished on the lips. She replies something like, "That wasn't on the cheek but shh, I don't mind." Awesome. I make up an excuse for leaving, do a little hug and part ways. Friends I came with had all left by this point, so I found some others and we walked home. Haven't texted any of these girls yet (It's been a few days), but usually I average about 50% on replies, so I guess I'll let you guys know. Quite a long post, but if I'm not detailed, you guys can't really help me out very well. Thanks!