Excited since it was my first set using 100% technique - no Fluff. A two set - HB7 and HB8. It was at an event where I knew a few people but I had never seen or even heard about these two before. I approached them at the bar. They were dressed to kill and seemed very confident so I negged the HB7 pretty hard (basically said that she looks like a criminal), while ignoring the target HB8. I then said I had to get back to my friends - the plan was to set things up for an interaction a little later but the opportunity never came. But both of them asked a mutual acquaintance for my number the next day! Turns out the HB7 is married, so the acquittance said that she would only pass my number to the HB8. I said that I don't give out my number but asked for her number instead. Called and set up a day 2 for tomorrow.
Since she went out of her way to ask for my number, my plan is to transition to Direct Game and try to move as quickly as possible.