After reading “The Game” I was hooked. It was the boost of confidence I needed to get back out there.
In College I was a natural, and meeting women came easy. But I had lost my game as a few years passed by but now I have rededicated myself to breaking free from being a “has been” an AFC.

field report #1
I had a few hours off work, so I told myself I was going to do as many approaches as I could in that time. (not a lot of women in this town) I went to the mall and opened with the Cashmere sweater opinion to a two set (HB7 & HB6) that was sitting together in the commons area. I gave myself a time constraint and things were really going well. We chatted about puppies & fashion and I negged both of them on their lack of fashion (it was -10degrees here today). I shifted the conversation and told them both we should stand up and we’d all go check out the pet store together. We barely started making our way to the pet store when their 2 friends ran into them and I was left standing there….. I excused myself with my time constraint but I failed to close.

The mall was a bust so I decided to grab a late lunch.
I walked in and the place was crazy busy. I was alone and the hostess suggested I sit and the bar but I insisted that I have a table. (I wasn’t going to drink before work). As the waitress made her way to my table, I could see that she was stressed, and rightly so. She had a bunch of tables and she was a HB9 in a town full of men with deep pockets. She was cruising by, but stopped to say that she would be right with me after she dropped an armful of beers off for a table next to mine. I said with a worried face, keep moving, I’m a minor and if you set those beers down on my table you could go to jail. (I’m not a minor but I think it got her curiosity aroused.) When she finally made her way back to my table I opened with a neg, “what’s it take to get some service in here?”, I had a huge smile on my face. She smiled too (IOI), and I told her to take her time, that I wasn’t in a hurry. (push-pull)
She asked me what i’d like to drink, and I made her laugh by ordering a Hot Chocolate (in a bar), she smiled and told me I was weird (IOI).
When she brought my Cocoa, I told her that I needed her opinion on something. I used the Cashmere Sweater opinion on her. She instantly let her guard down and relaxed (IOI). I asked how she likes getting hit on my all the oil workers that come in for a beer. Blah blah blah she ranted how she was sick of hearing about all their money. I then told her I was unemployed (I’m not) but she again smiled and kept standing at my table chatting more . (did I dhv by not talking about money?)
The Restaurant was probably at capacity by now and she was gone for a long while. I noticed that she was at another table. I stood up, I was going to make my way to the restroom. As I brushed by her serving drinks to a table of 2 AFC’s around my age, I leaned, but with a loud enough voice for the AFC’s to hear me…and said….”how come you’re ignoring me?” and I touched her back.
When I returned to my table, she was right there to great me back and tell me that she was not ignoring me but that the other table of AFC’s was being difficult.
I did a few more (push-pull) routines, about how she needed to service and impress me. I tried to act like I was the only guy that mattered in the packed restaurant. I kept getting some serious IOI’s as she would walk near, and look my way.

In the midst of all this, a different waitress, HB7, approached and asked me if I needed anything. I declined, then called her back. I ordered a Hot Chocolate to go. (thinking it worked the first time) Then a few moments later, both waitress’s came back to my table together. HB9 said that she had to show HB7 how to make the hot chocolate with love for me. I laughed. I had hired guns begging for my approval on which one of them made a better drink.
I asked for my check. HB9 stuck around as I signed it. I don’t know where HB7 disappeared to.
I signed the receipt and handed it over to her. I told her that I had to get back to work but she should give me her number. She was still seeking approval, and said that next time she would take better care of me. IOI!!!!

I number closed on the HB9 but I am disappointed I did not get a chance to close with the HB7. I don’t want to get greedy either.

I’ve practiced a lot and today it paid off.

Please critique me.