Okay so If u read couple of my previous post u will come to know that I am a total newbie. I am yet to try whatever I am learning.

So anyways its around 1.30AM, I am reading The Game and suddenly I get a message from an unknown number

Person: Awake????
Me: Who is this?
Person: I saw your ad on xxxx, for iPad 2.

So out of my natural habit these days, I go on Truecaller** and check out the number. It shows me some female's name. So I get an idea to try something, I log on Facebook and check out that name. There are 5 females with that name in my city. So very difficult to say who it, newayz I decide to have some fun (lets call her Ann Ridder)

Me: Ann Ridder, whats up with this late shopping?
Ann: Holy sh1tt!!!! do you know me?
Me: Thats for you to find out angel face
Ann: you are freaking me out
Me: Relax babe, coming back to your iPad, yes I have it. You know what, I will meet you at xxxx at xxxx and then you can see the stuff while sipping a coffee with me.
Ann: I don't know what to say, tell me do I know you? Please?
Ann(10mins later): Hello, you there? How do you know my name?

So anywayz I havent replied to her yet. I will wait for sometime and see if she messages me again.

Truecaller**: To those who don't know this, which I doubt, its a software for your phone where you enter a number and it displays name of the person.