Butt Fuck Orange County
Hi, this is Retro, they call me Retro because I am older than the guys I hang out with.
Last night, I met Snowflake, a 28 year old, extra white, IT guy, and Asia+, a 24 year old IT guy. Yes, I am also and IT guy. Snowflake, and Asia+ just finished dinner, I met them after at Patsy's.
Snowflakes, and I, have gone out a couple of times in the past, we have no problem striking a conversation. I Just got out of a 2 year relationship and since then, I have been working very hard on my game. 2 weeks ago, Snowflake, and I, worked the Long Beach area, we had a very simple excursive, our objective was simple; each one of us was to open up 3 groups. Our opener was:
PUA: Hi, I have quick question for you. My friend Snowflake is trying to give me advice on dating, and he tells me that I have to go to Match.com, I believe that something like Meetup.com is a better way to meet women. What do you think?
Girl: whatever...
PUA: why do you say that?
and that is it, that is all we wanted to accomplish, the opener was designed to have the same structure as the Masters, and we wanted to get the experience.
I explained to Snowflake some of the basics, 3 second rule, like like you are in a hurry ...etc. I demonstrated these rules by walking up to 4 women, sitting at a stool at Starbucks, and going into my routine, first time, field test. I was not completely prepared, and I screwed it up a bit, because at one point while the girls were giving me their opinion, my voice got a little shaky at time, and they noticed that I was not very sure on myself. (Ref 1)
Right after, we went to a couple of other bars, but nothing looked good, we ended up at Legends, this was a good spot. Again, to demonstrate that there is nothing to be afraid of, I approached, across a divider, 4 girls sitting on a table, I started my Match vs. Meetup opener, but this time, I included Snowflake in the interaction, and we started talking to the girls a bit, from there on, we opened up another 8 sets in 3 different bars. we were successful in getting the girls engaged most of the time, we only got the puppy eyes / Anime eyes about 4 times.
At the end of the night, we felt good about ourselves, we accomplished our goals, we opened 10 sets, and towards the end we were more creative, and having more fun.
in the last two weeks, I've done more reading, and have been opening 2 to 3 girls every day, every day I use more material...
Coming back to last night, Snowflake came in ready for action, high energy level, a smile, and well groomed. Asia+ did not know what to do, he has read some material in the past, but his specialty is Keno (So he said). I explained a bit of the rules and how to approach, how to wing ... etc. but I didn't push him, I told him to use the Match vs meetup opener, I used the cologne test opener, and Snowflake did Local Cable "Secret Admirer" talk show opener.
We sat down next to 3 women, and 3 guys. to get Asia+ to loosen up a bit, we started clapping hard, and making lots of noise, people we looking at us and saying we feel left out, so we high fived a bunch of people around us. That helped Asia+ a bit, and now the girls were very interested in what we have to say.
Right away, I went to work, I tested my cologne opener on the girls sitting next to me, with their guys, there was a 7,6, and a 5, the 5 is all over me, I come in with high energy, I have a very strong voice, an accent, and I know how to make people laugh. the 5 started asking my name and what I do (IOI) so I answer and jump into a story about my Ex, who was a Model for Playgirl (True) but I am saying to demonstrate High Value, and Pre-Selection. The 5 is now telling me why I should talk to her, because she is better than any other girl in here.
I have a confession: I am very good at picking up 50 year old women, I usually have them in bed within 3 hours, I got into the game because I want to break that pattern, I was ne a hot young chick, that is fun. I also got in the game because I believe that the skills I get here, and the wealth of experiences and success with these women will transfer into other areas of my like, and help me be confident at work, other social situations, and take me out of the victim mentality that I find myself slipping into, from time to time.
Going back to the set, the 5, Shelby, looked like a 45 year old woman, that is not what I want. So I grabbed the guys, and to show Asia+ an opener, a approached 2 women, I did my Cologne opener, it was kind of hard to get them into it, but I still managed to get a 10 minute conversation out of it, other people got to see me talking to them (Social Proof), and I have broken the ice, I'll get back to them later.

Asia+ will not play, I start focusing on Snowflake, we find a bunch of girls we go up to them, now we have another task, we have to do opener, ask how they know each other, put in a Neg, and dhv each set we open. Snowflake opens the girls, but he forgets to ask how they know each other, I jump in there, turns out to be a family gathering, with their cousins, and brothers, we smile, say hello, and move on.
I go out on my own, I found an older man, with 2 girls, a slim, and funky looking black 35 year old woman, a 45 year old blond. I open the target (Black8) with Match vs Meetup, she thinks about it for a second and points me to the guy “I think you should ask him” OK, I talk to the guy, but she is kinda explaining my question, and really getting into the conversation, meanwhile the blond, asks me
Blond:“ why are you asking her?”
Retro: “I had a question, and I thought you might have an answer”
The blond jumps out of her seat, now she is right in my face.
Blond: “What makes you think that it is ok to ask us a question?”
Retro: “We are in a public place, a place where people meet. I am having a friendly conversation ...”
Black8: “Hold on a minute, Blond”
She pulls her away from my face, and starts talking to her, calming her down, I looked at the guy, and winked at Black8 and I said “I think I should just go, Black8 looked at me apologetically, and I was on to my next target.
I open up another 3 sets, nothing going on here, so I do back to Shelby, we share a few more stories, I talk to the 7 in her group, but she has an AFC that is all over her, like a YouTuber on a Gangnam Style video. That AFC is Val, ripped body, and the personality of bucket of hair. The group is made up of Shalby, her sister 6, and the rest are neighbors. I noticed the first set, the Mexican and the Native American chicks were not alone, a bunch of chodes were hanging behind them, with the girls back to them. Now they have moved from the bar, to a high table, As I walk by them, they stop me, and start chatting me up. The Native American started talking to me about her tribe, and a whole lot of crap, meanwhile, The Mexican, which had a very bad attitude towards me, was occupied with Snowflake, at one point snowflake and Mexican chick go dancing, while I am still learning about the 9 major tribes in the San Juan Crapistrano area .. I guess that’s what a wingman should do. When Snowflake return, I tell him to go Keno, he doesn’t understand, so explain to him that he needs to touch Mexican chick, I go away, and comeback, he has not made any moves, he is not ready yet, and now Asia+ is getting a lesson on the history of Native Americans. In the meantime The Shelby set had moved closer to the Dance floor.
As I walk on by, I see a guy working Shelby, I pass by and say hello, and I talk to the guy, who has a Toronto Maple Leaf T Shirt, He said he is from Toronto, but when I ask him where, he does not get into detail. I know Toronto, I lived there for 14 years, the guy was pretending to have lived there. Not sure why!!!
At this point Snowflake and I want to see Asia+ doing something. Asia+ says that he knows how to get on the dance floor, and Keno a chick, and end up talking to her, so we go to the dance floor. Snowflake and Asia+ are having the time of their life, they are dancing, and interacting, I on the other hand and not really excited about “Britney Bitch”, its 12:15 and I want some action, so I go to old faithful, I go to Shelby, I extend my hand, she grabs it, and we go dancing. We are close to each other, and I get a mini hard on, she like it, she gets closer, I pretend like nothing is happening, I do not use my hands to feel her up, I do not try to kiss here, I am just bouncing her while dancing, and she is coming into me.
After a couple of songs I take her back to his chair, I check on the guys, Asia+ started talking to some dude about work, Snowflake is chatting up a group of people. I look at Shelby, and I noticed a dark room, they have turned off the lights at the Pool room, and blocked it off with chairs. I walked to Shelby, and I put my hand out, she grabs it again as says “you are such a pervert”, I smile, again she says, “you are a perv” I drag her into the dark area, I lean against the ball, and pull her into me, we lock lips, and as soon as her lips meet mine, her tongue goes about three inches into my mouth… She’s been waiting for this, I start thinking that this is good for at least a blow job …but No … as I am starting to get into it Val, remember Val? El-Chode Extraordinaire pulls her away from me, and takes her out into the street … FUCK!!!! Cock Blocked .. I never see Shelby, or Val, after that, they are gone.
Snowflake is still talking to the same group, Asia+ and his now work buy are still talking computer crap. I go into Snowflakes set, and I divert attention of the guys to me, Snowflake is chatting up this tall 6, nice cute girl, at one point I pull out my iPhone and take a picture of Snowflake and Tall6, I call them a good looking couple, and leave them alone.
The bar is closed. Asia+ got to be friends with a new Work buddy, Snowflake got to talk to a bunch of girls, dance, and get piss drunk, and you know what I got. We leave, and go in my car to Del Taco, we eat, and Asia+ starts getting rowdy, he take 100 packets of hot Sauce, and starts yelling “Make it Rain, Make it Rain” All the people at Del Taco start encouraging him. We ran out before we got in trouble…
Now I have to drop the guys off at their homes, and I start my 40 minute drive to Long Beach … That was fun ..