Trew my first party in my apartment yesterday, i made sure the ratio was good,
so i invited 4 boys and 10 girls. Everyone had a lot of fun which was great. And we went to a club at night.

I tried to big up one of my best female friends, but went way to fast on her and got a slap in my face :P That was a real bummer! Anyway i wouldnt let that stop me, so i did a very dirty dance on her on the dance floor, this accualy made her run away from me. Also a bummer...

Anyway i did an approach on a set of 5, got the lesbian shit test, but they were not that pretty so i just ended it there.

At the end of the night a friend introduced me to a quite Hot Babe. I was gaming her for about an hour, until the club closed. At that point she gave me her number, but i don't really think she was interested, since i know i was way to slow to escalate with her.

My biggest regret for this night anyway was this:
There was a very hot babe at the party that my friend brought. I could tell that she was into me quite easy. She was looking over and seemed very receptive. Anyway at the club she was texting and i asked if it was to her boyfriend, and she answered no, and said she was "free as a bird" which kinda mean she can have sex with anyone. I know that she wanted me to game her, but for some reason i froze and got aa(kinda). And about 10 seconds later she went

So notes to self for today:
- Dont escalate extremly fast on your female friends (leads to slap in face)
- If a girl wants it, don't freeze...
- Escalate faster when gaming people that i meet for the first time.

If you had made one of your best friends slap you, what would you do next time you meet her ????