GO! is a game my friends and I came up with last week. The point of the game is to approach whichever woman you're told to. You take turns doing this, so the last person to approach gets to say "go" to the next person and so on.

Rules are simple - you approach whoever you're told to (within reason, obviously - get your tastes out and whatnot). However, if you don't approach, you have to drop and do 15 pushups. That doesn't get you out because you still have to approach someone else. I'll make a more detailed thread about this soon.

Anyway, highlights of the night:

It was my turn. I decided to take a random balloon around with me to have a reason to approach. So, my friend spots and HB7 and tells me to go. I walk past her, up the block a little, and turn back around to make sure I'm coming up from the front.

Me - Hey, you seem a little down tonight. Smile! Life isn't that bad. Here, take this. *hand her the balloon*

Her - Aww, that's so sweet. Thank you. But I'm fine, and I can't take your balloon!

Me - No, no - I want you to have it. I'm Eddy, by the way.

Her - I'm Lauren. *handshake* Thanks for putting a smile on my face, it was really sweet!

Me- No problem! Just do me a favor? When you tell your friends this story, you tell them that I wasn't that creepy, ok?

Her - *laughing* No! You were awesome! Thank you so much!

Walked away. It was too cold for me to stand outside and she was waiting for someone, but that would have been an easy Number Close.

My friend, however, had the funniest one by far:

HB8 walks by. He's told to go. She gets across the street and halfway down the block. He runs after her and, like a creep, approaches her from behind - "HEY, YOU! STOP!"

Her - *yells* What?!

Him - Hey, don't get freaked out. I just saw you walk by xxxx and thought you were really cute. My name is xxxx

Her - *almost 10 feet away from him and leaning back* I'm xxxx. You scared the hell out of me!

Him - Sorry about that. I'm gonna let you go and not creep you out any further.

She was pretty scared because he's a tall guy and it was almost midnight with no one else around. I told him to NEVER approach from behind...now he knows